Pop was very helpful.i quickly found a beautiful yacht.hal Palmer and Jessica Smith made viewing the boat convenient and closing was very easy.see you on the water.
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Good morning Todd, It has been almost 8 weeks since we finalized my purchase of "Vita Parlan" in Charleston,SC and I must apologize for being remiss in writing to thank for your help in making this sale happen so smoothly. I am sure you will understand when I say that I have been busy getting her renamed ("Mazboot") and registered in Maryland, as well as doing all those things that go along with getting a new boat (My wife says it's as if I got a new girlfriend, but I have assured her that this is not the case, and she has greatly enjoyed going out on the boat, so I guess all is well). We specifically wanted an older Albin 27FC because we intend cruising the Intra-Coastal from New York to Florida, and maybe beyond, and the Albin came highly recommended from others in the slow lane (especially in the on-line Albin Owners' Group, which has been a great resource). The boat has lived up to the reputation, and I am learning a lot about her every day we/I go to the boat yard in Deale MD where we are keeping her, and where she is getting many compliments. One older, more experienced boater commented that "boats born in the 80s, like people of that age, clean up very well", and this is certainly the case with "Mazboot". She is looking good, and by the time we hit the ICW she should be fully "Bristol Fashion". We are looking forward to a long-term relationship. Again, thank you for making the process so easy, especially as everything was done remotely, via email and telephone. The paperwork was very thorough, and everything I needed for change of ownership, MD registration and documentation was in the folder. Also thanks for helping to set up the sea-trial captain and for the help getting my surveyor on board. We will be sure to contact you when we eventually sail into Charleston, and look forward to having you on-board for an appropriately Naval beverage. Please feel free to use this note as a reference with future clients. I am pleased to correspond with any prospective buyers.
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