It seemed to take a long time to get interest in my boat but, it started advertising in October, 2015. People just aren't interested in buying a boat during Thanksgiving or Christmas season. It started picking up in January and had the boat sold in February but, unknown to me, you must have a title to your boat, trailer and MOTOR. I did not have the motor title and Tricia in POP Yachts told me the title also had a lien against it. to make a long story short, I was able to contact the previous owner (Bought it in 2005), she managed to get a new title in her name and forwarded it on to me and I had to get the title in my name. This all took over 2 months and in the meantime we lost the first sale. Greg Stanton, my agent in Texas, was working hard and Tricia Thompson, the closer in POP Yachts offices was a pleasure to do business with as she had the patience and helped me in every stage with the title catastrophe. Several more clients expressed interest and said they were coming to see my boat but never appeared. Finally, in early June another potential buyer in Texas came to see the boat and loved it. He said that day that he would buy it and the next week closing papers were signed, deposit paid and I had money in the bank the last week of June. He came to pick up the boat on June 23rd and we were both extremely happy.
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