The whole team at Pop Yachts has been amazing! From Aaron, to Lauren and Joseph...they were are professional and a joy to work with. The sales process was seamless and they took care of every detail! Thanks Team!
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Service was awesome! Elle was partner in the sale and made it all very easy and professional.
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Great experience for me and my wife. Staff answered all questions we had and emails were answered in less than 24 hours. Only issue we came across was our title and registration documents took longer than expected since POP Yachts sent the forms to us before they processed them through the DMV, so we had to send them back. Recommend purchasing your vessel through POP Yachts and let them guide you through the process, but recommend handling your own title and registration documents if you want them done quicker. Thanks to all who took part in our purchase.
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I recently relocated to NYC Fromm MD for work, and I wanted to quickly sell my 20.5 Aquasport Osprey. Rich and Mel worked around the clock, including over the weekend to ensure that my boat was taken care. I have endless positive things to say about my experience with PopYachts, and I would highly recommend them to fellow boat owners. Great work!
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Worth every cent of commission and more. POP Yachts was incredible. POP Yachts has earned my trust and confidence, I would recommend them to anyone buying or selling a vessel.
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I had the pleasure of being both a client and a customer of Pop Yachts. Their staff were accommodating through out the entire process of the transaction. Quick responses, kept you in the loop, and prompt completion of necessary paperwork. Professionals in everyway. If one is in the market to buy or sell a boat/yacht I highly recommend that you give their services strong consideration. In looking back, they made fun instead a hassle. My thanks to Susan, Brad, Lawrence, Heather and Dee Dee. A pleasure working with you, Bill.
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We could keep going but...