The process to get our boat sold was simple & straightforward. Jeff collected all the needed documents, took awesome pictures of our vessel & wrote an advertisement that truly highlighted all its great features. Once offers started coming in, we quickly locked in a deal. Then the process to close was smooth & fast with all of Tracy's help. The brokerage fee was 1/2 of what our local marina would have charged & so much easier. I'm so glad my dad recommended using Pop Yachts because our boat is gone in a blink!
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Charles and Mel were a pleasure to work with on the selling of the Avalon Pontoon Boat.
Phoenix, AZ Posted 3.3 yrs ago on   View on website .

Being a first time boat buyer, I am glad that I found POP Yachts. Aaron Taylor (sales) was great! We went from first contact to a countersigned contract in less than 4 days. What especially impressed me is that the 4 days were New Years Eve, New Years Day, Saturday and Sunday. Given that my first e-mail was the afternoon of New Years Eve I was expecting, maybe, an email saying he'd call me on Monday, but we had a signed contract by Sunday afternoon! I have already given his name to a friend/client. Micki Baker, closing coordinator, was in contact within the next hour! Everyone was very patient, very helpful and VERY RESPONSIVE! Don't know if or when I will need another boat, but I do know the first place I will check if I do...POP Yachts! D Jones
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We had a practically new boat to sell in an area of the US that boating season is only about 4-5 months out of the year and we were contacted by POP Yachts to market our boat. Of course at first we were a little hesitant since they contacted us. We read the reviews which were very good and after reviewing the contract decided we had nothing to lose. Everyone we were in contact with from POP Yachts was extremely nice and helpful and they were able to sell our boat for us at what we thought was the worst time of the year and in a rather quick period of time. They did everything for us exactly as promised and made the whole transaction pleasant and easy. I would absolutely recommend their services to buy or sell a boat for sure.
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As always. Jim Grady and tram did a great job in the purchase of one my my vessels purchased over the last month. I will continue to use Mr. Grady in all of my vessel purchases
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Great folks start to finish! All were polite, knowledgeable, and respectful. Diana Christ, Jay Wolf, Megan Toale, all very good at what they do. As an engineer and operations guy, I was especially impressed with the systems they have in place to effect a sale, and complete a sale. First class, start to finish. Sold the pontoon in less than 3 weeks in a very crowded market. Thanks to all, and definitely would recommend.
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We could keep going but...