Baja Lives Up to All Its Name Implies

Updated 6:08 PM ET, Wed February 18, 2015
Baja Lives Up to All Its Name Implies
Funny thing about the English language - there are certain words that conjure up specific images. And when paired with the right concept, they can really say it all. A word like "Baja" for example elicits visions of the perfect vacation, beautiful sights, suntanned skin and a tropical breeze whipping through your hair.

That's what's so genius about the North Carolina-based boat manufacturer Baja Marine, which has been creating some of the world's best high-performance boats since the 1970s. It's the ideal name for a company that currently produces two families of models: four Outlaw series and two Islander options: two more names that definitely fit the image of the boats. Just check out the super-sleek 2001 Baja 36 Outlaw Poker Run Edition pictured above, and currently listed with POP Yachts. It has a ton of options and upgrades paired with Baja's award-winning design and undeniable performance.

Baja began in 1971 when four determined owners built their first boat in an abandoned roller skating rink. Their product line grew with a lineup of 14- to 20-foot vessels, and by the late 1970s captured the attention of Powerboat magazine, which named the 1979 Baja Carrera SS Bowrider the "Boat of the Year."

Throughout the 1980s ad 90s, the company continued to expand, introducing the .38 Special, Outlaw, Islander and a sport fishing line, as well.

A 2010 review by summed up the Baja experience just right: "If you're having a mid-life crisis, but you're not overflowing with cash, Baja has just the boat for you: The 245 Performance is built like a big boat but has the price tag of a small one."

If you can relate to that, check out the 90 used Baja boats listed with POP Yachts right now. Give us a call at 941-257-0111, and we'll connect you with a sales representative who will help you find the boat you've been dreaming of.

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