Pop Yachts and Sonny provided a great experience with selling my boat. Their marketing and outreach is superior. They qualify potential buyers and provide the serious buyers with verified funds. My boat was sold within two months during the off season for boating. Sonny and the team did a great job. Would definitely list or purchased from Pop and Sonny again.
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Great teamwork, timely, organized, trustworthy, and safe. I really recommend it. Good job guys. A special thanks to Alex Gutierrez and Sheri Brown for all their time and patience.
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Gena is a pro. She brought a buyer in within 2 days and closed within 3 weeks. I don't think you can improve on that.
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If I could, I would give this service 10 stars. BIG THANKS to POP Yachts and especially Kevin, Alan and Tracy. Selling the boat was much easier than I expected. It took just under a month to sell. I'm really happy that the boat sold so quickly and for a good price. Pop Yachts handled all the work for me. Kevin, the broker, and Alan, the sales representative, were very helpful. They posted the listing, took photos of the boat, communicated with potential buyers, and scheduled showings. I really appreciate that Alan came to each boat showing, especially since my English is not so good. Kevin took care of the price negotiations. Tracy, the closing manager, made the process with all the documents effortless. Everything was given to me in a clear and organized way. Everyone responded right away to my questions. I highly recommend Pop Yachts to anyone who is interested in buying or selling a boat. I'll definitely contact them when I'm ready to get a new boat.
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I highly recommend Brian Slesinski, he was the only sales rep who responded to my emails which were many. He did a great job working with local agents in my area. Thanks Brian for professionalism and care.
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April, Juan and Harley made this experience a good one! We had a few hiccups with the marina that was holding the boat and waiting what felt like FOREVER for the bank to release the funds; however they were there to help us throughout the entire process.
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I dont know what all the bad reviews are about. My team went so far out of their way to accommodate me it was unbeleivable. Literally the best experience I have had purchasing of the 8 transactions in my life. I could write a 10 paragraph review on how great they were.
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Great experience. Great communication. Brokers and closing agents were very responsive and handled all the paperwork. Overall a very pleasant experience.
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Pop Yachts helped to sell our boat that might have otherwise been hard for us to do on our own. Thankful they took care of the paperwork and back and forth. The day of the sale needed to be a little more organized but it got done and all was great.
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We are very happy with the service provided by Pop Yachts. Lou was great and was quite an advocate for us when coming up with the right price point for the sale of our boat. The emails kept us up to date, the on-line system was easy to use, and facilitating the closing was well organized and helpful to us. I would refer anyone to Pop Yachts without hesitation. Yours truly, Karen
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