Bean Bag It

Updated 4:00 PM ET, Wed February 8, 2012
Bean Bag It
With Miami Boat Show coming up, I could easily find a gazillion cool products for boats to write about, and next week I will probably do just that. But first, I am curious to find out from our sales guys, and from you, if you're game, what in the sea of endless gear, really has you all impressed.

Adam Tannen, owner of a couple of Contenders, does frequent trips from the east coast of Florida over to the Bahamas and he immediately responded with this suggestion: Marine Bean Bag. I get his email and I'm thinking, "Really, Adam? This is the first thing that came to your mind...a bean bag?" I was expecting to hear about an iPhone app that lets you know exactly what time a big fish is planning on being at your preferred coordinates, so that you can meet her there, buy her dinner and take her home.

But Adam knows his boats so I'll play. I google marine bean bag and find a site for E-Searider. It turns out that they've come up with a pretty good idea. They are not pursuing the express cruiser crowd. This product is for the boat owner of a hardcore fishing machine-a boat that is more concerned about withstanding the elements rather than providing your backside with a soft landing place.

In Adam's opinion, they are "150% more comfortable than any marine chair or seat," and being the model of efficiency that Adam is, "You can store on t top or hard top while fishing and sleep on them on the way back."

This is shot running the last leg of a 300 mile run in the bahamas...

Watch the Video

Two sleeping men in the back....

Let us know if you have one of these and what you think about it. Also, if you have ideas about other products that have been a real find, tell us! We have a lot of international buyers that ask Rich to stock up their boats with American goods before shipping them off, and they could benefit from some recommendations. *warning! This website has pictures of girls in bikinis, reclined in their beanbags, in what appears to be very calm seas.

Here is a link for a Contender that just came into our inventory

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A fishing buddy of mine does a lot of offshore fishing to the Hudson canyon area off of Long Island, N.Y. , and has 2 large bean bags , which are the most comfortable area in the boat. No problem sleeping either. not bad for 28 ft blackfin!

James K. from Rockville Centre, NY, posted on NOV 1
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