What does a boat broker do?

The main job of a brokerage is to match up buyers and sellers. Like a real estate broker doesn't actually own the home they are advertising, brokers don't actually own the boats and yachts that they advertise for sale.

Sellers depend on the broker to advertise their boat or yacht for them and find interested buyers. Once a willing buyer is found, the broker will handle all the contracts, escrow, coordination, documentation, and closing.

What are the benefits to using a broker?

When you choose to sell your boat or yacht with Pop Yachts, we will:

...meet you at your boat or yacht to take 100+ photos, shoot a video walk-through, and take down an inventory of features and electronics.
...build an online advertisement, including writing a unique description that guides potential buyers through your vessel.
...respond to all phone calls, texts, and web inquiries (leads) from potential buyers.
...identify and eliminate scammers and non-qualified buyers looking for a free joy ride.
...match your vessel to existing buyers in our database of potentials (tens of thousands).
...obtain a signed Purchase & Sale Agreement (offer) from qualified interested buyers.
...communicate counter-offers to buyers as necessary.
...meet potential buyers at your boat for showings and/or inspections.
...facilitate a smooth closing process, including the safe and secure distribution of funds and transfer of ownership.
...ensure a smooth pickup and transition to the new owner.

When you choose to buy your boat or yacht through Pop Yachts, we will:

...assist you in your search to help you find the perfect vessel.
...present all offers between you and the seller.
...meet you on location for showings and/or inspections.
...meet you at completion of the sale for pickup of your new boat or yacht.
...keep all funds safe in our secure escrow accounts during the closing process.
...help with state registration and documentation (where available).

I'll start with Kelly Teran, our Sales Rep. she did an EXCELLENT job taking ALL those pictures of our boat (just to start), and then she was there all the way through, Thanks, Kelly. Next came Dennis McCormack. He was ALWAYS right on the ball notifying us within a very few minutes of an offer being made AND to get with the buyer about our counter-offer, too. Lastly is Tony Gomez our closing advocate. Tony is so thorough and understanding if you don't understand something. His explanations of the closing process are just terrific! Lastly, I do certainly believe that if you list your boat with POP Yachts you won't be disappointed with their service, I know we sure weren't!
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