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Our list of qualified, accredited surveyors is provided as a convenience to prospective buyers and to the boating industry at large. Pop Yachts does not endorse or recommend any of the surveyors listed here. Selection of a surveyor is the sole choice of our buyers.

If you elect to complete a survey on one of our pre-owned vessels (we encourage all buyers to do so), you will receive the surveyor's report directly. It is never sent to anyone at Pop Yachts. You can ALWAYS be sure that you are receiving unbiased, independent results from an accredited surveyor selected by you.

Switch Perspective

It's always good to get a second set of eyes on any purchase. It really helps when the second set of eyes has reviewed hundreds of boats.

Protect Yourself

Not all problems can be seen with the naked eye. A surveyor report can help you avoid a costly mistake.

Accredited Only

Not all surveyors are created equal. Always hire an accredited surveyor who belongs to a surveyor society, such as ACMS, SAMS or NAMS.

Once you hire and retain a surveyor, that surveyor works directly for you and reports directly to you for the survey. A good brokerage will help you coordinate the survey, including communication with the surveyor to ensure they have the address, access instructions and that everyone is there at the right date/time. However your surveyor will report his findings directly to you. You may choose to provide them to the broker or seller after the fact but it's important you receive the surveyor's report directly.

Is a used boat expected to be perfect? No, all vessels have their issues and pre-owned boats are no exception. But, if you are buying a boat, it's a good idea to have a surveyor perform a survey and review his findings with you. You should always know what you are buying.


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