Riviera Beach, MD
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Riviera Beach is a place and a neighborhood adjacent to Pasadena in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Riviera Beach is located on the southwest shore of the tidal Patapsco River, the waterway which forms Baltimore's harbor to the northwest. The community is bounded by two tidal inlets of the Patapsco, Rock Creek to the southeast and Cox Creek to the northwest. A third tidal creek, Stony Creek, is larger than its two neighbors and runs past the center of the community. The neighborhoods of Clear Water Beach, Orchard Beach, and Stony Beach are within the part of the CDP that is northwest of Stony Creek. Maryland Route 173 (Fort Smallwood Road), runs through the center of the community and bridges Stony Creek.

This page also contains boats for sale in the nearby city of Pasadena.

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