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Sag Harbor is a village in Suffolk County, New York, in the towns of East Hampton and Southampton. Sag Harbor is about three fifths in Southampton and two fifths in East Hampton. The dividing line is Division Street which becomes Town Line Road just south of the village. Most of the defining landmarks of the village -- including its Main Street, the Whalers Church, Jermain Library, Whaling Museum, the Old Burying Ground, Oakland Cemetery, Mashashimuet Park, and Otter Pond are in Southampton. However, almost all the Bay Street marina complex, including Sag Harbor Yacht Club and Breakwater Yacht Club, at the foot of Main Street, is in East Hampton, as are the village's high school, the Sag Harbor State Golf Course, and the freed slave community of Eastville. There are several fishing spots in Montauk where you can enjoy a great adventure. What makes Montauk an ideal spot for fishing is the fact that it is very narrow and that majority of the town is facing the coast of Connecticut. Moreover, there are a lot of state parks in Montauk that offer fishing as one of their major attractions. The Montauk Point State Park is a wooded area which is located at the tip of the Long Island. This state park offers the best surf fishing spot in the whole of New York. The beach has calm waters. A lot of fishermen go to this park since it's not too crowded. The beach is teeming with fish such as porgy, cod and even Mako sharks. You'll be able to take a huge catch back to your Montauk bed and breakfast. The Camp Hero State Park is a 415-acre landscape that includes a wooded area, beach front and military installation. The park offers a haven for fishermen as they can fish off the coast of the park, as well as in the freshwater wetland. Fishermen can have the option to fish for trout and pike in the wetland or try to fish for bass and flounder off the coast. The undisturbed environment of this particular Montauk fishing park makes it an ideal location for surf fishing. The park is open 24 hours to fishermen, provided they get permits from the local government.

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