Waveland, MS
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Waveland (the Land of the Waves) was originally part of old Shieldsboro (now Bay St. Louis?) and was known as Montgomery Station and Grand Bend before applying for, and being granted, a special charter to become a separate municipality with a Mayor and ?Board of Aldermen in 1888. Waveland is home to many interesting and talented people. The scenic beach road is a charming coastal drive at the turtle's pace of 25 MPH. The people of Waveland are warm and friendly and are looking forward to their Coleman Street shopping and business center's rebirth. Hanging Out In Waveland Mississippi on the Sandy Beach. Hanging Out In Waveland Mississippi on the Sandy Beach. Many of Waveland's stores and shops are located on Highway 90. It has plenty of great restaurants and fast food eats. Hotel accommodations are currently limited in the area so make reservations at local hotels before visiting the Waveland area. There is a great fishing pier on the Gulf of Mexico and the City of Waveland has just completed a new set of beach Volley Ball Courts near the pier as well.

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