Weirs Beach, NH
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Prior to the 1950's, Weirs Beach was known simply as "Weirs", or more commonly, "the Weirs", and in the popular language, this colloquialism continues to this day. The addition of the word "Beach" to the locale's name was the marketing idea of a few savvy local businesspeople, especially Ed Hoagland, owner of the Lakeview House at the time. (It is still rare to find a town on the map anywhere in the USA today with the word beach attached to its name that is located on a lake, and not on the ocean!) Right at the center of Weirs Beach, at the Winnipesaukee Pier, you'll find marinas, which rent a large variety of boats, including family runabouts, open deck-style boats, waterski boats, and pontoon boats. Weirs Beach is also a popular place to fish. Whether you're trying to catch bass, salmon, or trout, your best bet is to try a guided fishing tour. There is something for everyone at Weirs Beach!

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