1990 Terrebonne 75 Long Range Cruiser For Sale

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Boat Details

Pilothouse/Pilothouse Boat
75 Long Range Cruiser
Length (LOA):
74' 6" (22.71m)
Stock #:
Coos Bay, Oregon
Air Conditioning:
Engine Details
470 hp
Fuel Type:
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Coos Bay, Oregon — Built 1990 by the Terrebonne ship building company in Houma, Louisiana. She was built along the same rugged and time proven sea worthiness of the gulf shrimp boats with a shallow draft (3'6') and a tunnel for the propeller which suited the original owner as he sailed the Caribbean islands for the n...more

1990 Terrebonne 75 Long Range Cruiser Pilothouse Boat in Coos Bay, Oregon

Stock #008427

Built 1990 by the Terrebonne ship building company in Houma, Louisiana. She was built along the same rugged and time proven sea worthiness of the gulf shrimp boats with a shallow draft (3'6') and a tunnel for the propeller which suited the original owner as he sailed the Caribbean islands for the next seven years in her. He had her converted to a full live aboard cruising yacht while still at the Terrebonne shipyard.
My wife and I purchased her in 1997 at that time she was laying at anchor in Culebra PR When the paper work was completed we departed for Curacao in the ABC islands to take on fuel and then onto the Panama canal and up the west coast to Charleston OR I was very impressed with her sea handling performance even in her original configuration with the shallow draft, it was very stable, even when running in heavy seas.
Work was started 98 and continued through 04 Except for the hydraulic swim step all structural work was completed. After investing over $700.000 by 2005 our financial position took a trip south and left us high and dry with no money to complete the refit.

The vessel is a US coast Guard documented vessel, but not US coast guard certified for paying passengers, but if you would want that, now is the time to do it as they would want to have access to inspect every part of the interior and hull.

Included: 16 Fiber glass boat, 40 hp Yamaha outboard

Information On Condition

The boat was hauled out at Charleston ship yard on July 15th 1998. We started to
work on her in Aug 1998. The first thing we did was to completely gut the entire vessel right down to the bare metal frames, to include flooring, paneling, insulation, the complete AC/DC wiring system, plus all of the black and fresh water plumbing was removed.
We then removed the existing watertight access door and the stairway to the workshop that was
positioned on the starboard side aft end of the main house, and repositioned it on the aft bulkhead of the main house, so that one could enter the work shop area from the aft deck, rather than the starboard side.
Then we proceeded to cut the complete tunnel section and skeg out of the hull, which included the
rudder and the rudder post.
Next we cut a section out of the aft engine room bulkhead to facilitate the removal of the existing main engine, which was a Detroit 671, 238 HP @ 1800 RPM, it was considerably less power than was required to propel a vessel of this size along at even six or seven knots.
We then cut and moved the forward bulkhead of the engine room, and moved it aft approximately five feet to give us enough room in the forepeak for two cabins and a shared bathroom and to fit the spiral staircase to the 02 and 03 deck.
The existing frames were 3" x 3/8th" flat bar, on 20" centers. We inserted 3" x 3" x 3/8" angle iron
between each and every frame in the vessel, from the keel up the first longitudinal up past the chine for the
entire length of the vessel. The original longitudinals were 3" x 3/8" flat bar throughout the vessel from the keel up to two longitudinals past the chine. We stiffened these by welding 3" x 3/8" flat bar at right angles to the existing longs, in essence making them 3" x 3" x 3/8" angle iron.
Fabricated the engine rails for the 55KW main generator to the port side of the shaft alley and the
engine rails for the get home engine to the starboard side of the shaft alley in the work shop area aft of the main engine room.
We then installed the newly rebuilt Caterpillar 3408 main engine, which produces 470 HP @ 1,800 rpm and a rebuilt Caterpillar D330 55 KW Genset.
While inspecting all the original frames in the vessel, we discovered that there was some rust in the lower end of frames one and two, where they were welded to the bow stem. We decided to replace those frames, and about 8' of bow stem plus 12" of hull plate on either side of the bow stem and then doubled up with a 3/8" doubler plate, which was 8' x 24" x 3/8" thick, which we placed over the repaired section.
(This was the only corrosion found in the entire vessel)
The existing centerline keel was a 6" x 1" flat bar with 4" to the inboard side and 2" to the outboard side of the vessel. We then installed the bulbous bow and the bow thruster tube. We also fabricated the new centerline keel for the vessel. The keel shoe is a 16" x 10" x 3/4" wide flange I-beam and runs from the aft end of the bulbous bow through the skeg and forms the rudder shoe, then we added 1" plate to the existing keel down to the center line of the I-beam, which was 4" at the bow and 39" at the skeg. We installed 1/4" "T" plate gussets for the entire length of the keel, and covered both sides with 1/4" plate.
We fabricated watertight alcoves in the aft end of the port and starboard amidships fuel tanks and
installed the Wesmar hydraulic active fin stabilizers, and all moving parts.
We then fabricated the bilge keels fore and aft of the fin stabilizers, these were constructed super heavy duty for two reasons, one, they would have to stop any damage occurring to the stabilizer fins from debris floating on or just under the surface of the water. Two, they have to be strong enough to bear the weight of the vessel when sitting on the bottom in a tide out situation. They were fabricated in the following manner. A 1/4" doubler plate was welded to the hull, the forward leading edge is a 5" x 3/8" full round pipe. The interior ribs are 5" x 3" x 3/8" rectangular tubing, the forward four verticals are strengthened with two horizontal 5" x 3" x 3/8" rectangular tubing and I" flat bar gussets, the rest of the ribs are vertical 5" x 3" x 3/8" rectangular tube these are all welded to a 5" x 5" x 3/4" I-beam shoe with 1/4" flat bar gussets between the flanges every
three feet then both bilge keels were sheathed with 1/4" plate. We then installed a 17' x 10" x 3/8" round tube through the Lazerette to accommodate the two 25hp stern thrusters.
Then fabricated the new rudder post turn table with 1" plate and installed the two new
hydraulic steering rams to the yoke.
Fabricated aft anchor winch base on aft deck and chain locker in Lazerette.
We next installed a stairway up to the boat deck (03) from the (02) aft deck.
The next major task was to fabricate the new wheelhouse and aft stateroom on the 03 deck.
To do this we first had remove 2' from the top of the original wheel house and make it flush with the rest of the 03 deck then cut back 3' of the rounded part of the forward wheelhouse bulkhead to make it flat. That section was then framed with 3" x 3/8" flat bar stringers and sheeted with 1/4" plate. A 5" x 3" x 3/8" web frame was installed in the fore peak and continued up thru the 02 to support the forward end of the new wheelhouse. A second 5" x 3" x 3/8" web frame was installed over the aft engine room bulkhead on the 02 deck to support the aft end of the 03 stateroom. The frames and longs are 3" x 3/8" and 2" x 1/4" flat bar. The forward bulkhead is 1/4" plate with 3/16" on the sides with 1/8" plate on the overhead. All the plating aft of the wheelhouse is 1/8" thick.
All of the original windows were removed and the openings were resized, all window glass in the wheelhouse and the 02 deck stateroom is 3/8" tempered, the rest of the windows are all 1/4" tempered. All windows have a slight bronze tint.
The exhaust stack/electronics tower is fabricated with 2" x 3/16" angle and sheeted with 10 gauge plate with the engine room air exhaust air fan located in the base.
The get home system will be a Caterpillar 3208N 210hp the 3.1 twin disc gear is the original gear that bought us home from Puerto Rica, it will be connected to a 4"x 2' jack shaft that is anchored with a Babbitt bearings. A double chain sprocket on the jack shaft will couple to a double chain sprocket locked between two Babbitt bearings on the main 4" propulsion shaft. Connection is through an inspection hatch on the watertight shaft alley. This system should push the vessel along at a steady 4 or 5 knots.
the fire control line system is installed consisting of a 2" steel line with one fire plug on the
Foredeck and one on the aft deck this system with also serve as a dewatering system with lines going to all watertight compartments with the operating valving in an adjacent compartment. Pump unit is not purchased yet.
The base for the four ton deck crane was then installed on the boat deck (03 deck.)
We then changed the forward anchoring system from an single gypsy 12 volt electric system to a fully
hydraulic system with double gypsy and cat head we installed two new chain pipes through the deck fabricated two new anchor bays in the bow, and reinforced the hull plate below the bays with a doubler of 3/8" plate.
Fabricated steps from the main deck (02) down through the transom to the hydraulic swim step.
Fabricated the keel cooling system. Nearly 200' of 3"1/2" piping attached to the hull on both port and starboard sides of the main keel to cool all of the onboard power plants.
Insulation on the 02 and 03 deck is installed, in the galley area the vertical bulkheads are all Coast Guard approved non combustible insulation.
The A/C electrical wiring runs are being installed and there is a good start on the carpentry. INTERIOR.

Purchased, not installed.

Carpet & vinyl.
Three bathroom sinks
Three shower enclosures
Plumbing fixtures for all bathrooms
Three Toilets. One new Sealand electric.
Solid oak interior wood.
Oak Paneling.
Ice maker machine.
4 re-upholstered bar stools.
New dinette pads.

Main engine. Caterpillar 3408T 470hp low hrs on rebuild. Exact hrs on main are not known.
Main engine reduction gear. Twin Disc 3 to 1 (New)
Auxiliary get home system reduction gear. Twin disc 3 to 1 (used)
Main electrical generator. Caterpillar D330T 140hp/55KW 3 hrs on rebuild. With lots of spare parts.
16' Fiber glass shore tender boat.
40 hp Yamaha outboard motor.
Six man canister life raft. (Not in currant certification)
Forward anchor winch. hydraulic, double gypsies with cat head.
Forward anchor. One 250lb stockless.
Anchor chain. 750ft of hot dipped galvanized 1/2" BBB.
Aft anchor winch. 24 volt electric. Rebuilt and re-chromed.
Aft anchor. 125lb Danforth.
Air conditioning. Two, Aqua-Air 60,000 BTU chiller units with reverse heat.
Duel Racor 900 series fuel/ water separator filters, for main engine.
Re-circulating pump from and to all four fuel tanks.
Automatic engine oil changing systems for main engine
Wesmar 900 series hydraulic active fin stabilizers.
bow thruster. One, Wesmar 50hp hydraulic unit.
Stern thrusters. Two, Wesmar 25hp hydraulic units.
Fresh water pressure system.
Fresh water filtration system.
55 gal drum of anti freeze.

Furuno 48 mile radar.
VHF radio.
Icom single sideband radio and tuner.
Com-Nav 2001 Auto pilot.
Main 200 Amp AC electrical switch panel.
Two 100 Amp AC Distribution panels.
One 12 volt distribution panel.
Eight, 120/240 volt electric wall heaters.

Approximate boat location: Coos Bay, Oregon

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Basic Details
Pilothouse/Pilothouse Boat
75 Long Range Cruiser
Length (LOA):
74' 6" (22.71m)
Stock #:
Coos Bay, Oregon
Engine & MechanicalMech.
470 hp
Fuel Type:
Fuel Tank:
9,500 gals
Drive Type:
Direct Drive
Direct Drive
Wesmar 900 Series Hydraulic Active Fin Stabilizers
Bow Thruster:
Wesmar 50hp Hydraulic Unit
Stern Thruster:
Two, Wesmar 25hp Hydraulic Units
Twin Disc 3 To 1
Engine Location:
Engine Room
Fuel Tank:
9500 Gal
Dimensions & Specifications & Specs
Length Overall:
74' 6"
Water Capacity:
2,100 gals
NavigationalNav. Equipment
Icom Single Sideband Radio And Tuner
Furuno 48 Mile Radar
Com-nav 2001 Auto Pilot
Deck Features
Hydraulic, Double Gypsies With Cat Head
Forward Anchor. One 250lb Stockless. Anchor Chain. 750ft Of Hot Dipped Galvanized 1/2 BBB.
Aft Anchor:
Aft Anchor. 125lb Danforth.
Aft Anchor Winch:
24 Volt Electric. Rebuilt And Re-chromed
Safety EquipmentEquip.
Six Man Canister Life Raft. (not In Currant Certification)
ElectricalElec. Components
AC Electric Panel:
Main 200 Amp AC Electrical Switch Panel, Two 100 Amp AC Distribution Panels.
Caterpillar D330T 140hp/55kw 3 Hrs On Rebuild
Circuit Breaker Panel:
12 Volt Distribution Panel
Accommodations & Passengers
# Cabins:
Sleep. Capacity:
Air Conditioning:
Pressurized Water System:
Two, Aqua-air 60,000 BTU Chiller Units With Reverse Heat
Eight, 120/240 Volt Electric Wall Heaters
ConstructionConst. Features
Hull Material:
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