I just finished my second transaction in two months with Pop Yachts, and am extremely pleased with the team. Illeana Turner, Brian Slesinski, and Rusty Kline, the team that worked with me for my sale, are extremely responsive and professional. I bought a boat with them in late August of 2018 (Illeana and Rusty were also on the team that helped me buy my Boston Whaler), then listed my previous boat with them. They got a sale for me in less than two months, in spite of a hurricane and the end of the summer boating season. I am very pleased with the ease of working with Pop Yachts from both the standpoint of the buyer and seller. The communications and paperwork process couldn't be easier. Thanks!
Chapel Hill, NC Posted 1.7 mos ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

Start to finish good purchase experience. Smart concept for selling or buying a boat. Price for handling paperwork well worth it.
Boca Raton, FL Posted 3.6 mos ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

POP Yachts was great to work with. They take an aggressive listing and marketing approach and keep you updated constantly. They are fair and very helpful in determining the fair market value of your boat and the negotiating process. POP Yachts is certainly the way to go if you are looking to sell your vessel quickly.
Williamsburg, VA Posted 5.2 mos ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

I listed my small boat with POP Yachts about 1 year ago. Knowing it was not a big deal I assumed I would not get much attention from POP Yachts. That was not the case at all. My salesman was in touch with me on a weekly basis sending me every hit the ad had. We talked anytime I wanted and discussed the marketing of the boat many times. We finally got a serious inquiry and the sale was made. The home office staff was quick to finalize the sale with the buyer and my check was forwarded to my bank account within 3 days of the sale. Second best day for a boat owner, the sale.
Georgetown, DE Posted 6.2 mos ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

Ray and Roman are by far the best salesmen to deal with. Very helpful, professional, and super accessible. Their team couldn't of made the entire transaction any smoother or more comfortable. I've had such good experiences buying and selling through pop yachts at this point I probably wouldn't even be be interested in a boat if it wasn't listed by them. Thanks again guys!!!!
Boca Raton, FL Posted 7.3 mos ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

My broker Bradley was excellent. Process was straightforward with no stress or hang ups.
Crystal River, FL Posted 8 mos ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

Partnering with POP Yachts was easy. I could even sell my boat on my own while they were also advertising for customers on my behalf. They ended up finding a customer for me. The selling and closing process was straight forward and professional. They handled the closing process much as a realtor would so the transaction was efficient and secure. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to sell their boat.
Houston, TX Posted 9 mos ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

Each and Everyone of the various staff members from setting up sales info to negotiations and closing acted in a most professional manner even through unexpected obstacles that "pop out" (pun intended) when you are dealing with a boat. Its a lot of work and timely coordination to prepare, market, find the right buyer and then close a deal and Pop Yachts has found the perfect formula and people to carry forth this very difficult and complex procedure as they excelled at all stages of the process
North Miami, FL Posted 1.5 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

Had a excellent experience with POP Yachts! The process was quick, easy and professional. The web-based process for signing documents and getting the boat listed worked great. Chris Seis was very helpful and assisted us in adjusting the price and communicating with prospective buyers which allowed us to get the price we were looking for... and Rusty Kline made closing smooth and quick. It was obvious POP Yachts knows boats and knows how to sell them. A great competent company. I would definitely use them again and will be recommendin them to other. Mayor Kevin Brown, Town of Quantico, Virginia
Herndon, VA Posted 1.6 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

Everything was arranged. Survey and mechanical inspection by out of state buyer, title transfers, wired payment, etc. Very efficient and smooth transition.
Charleston, SC Posted 1.8 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

We could keep going but...