Boy Meets Girl, Falls in Love with Girl, Buys Boat....

By and Bob Aman
Updated 2:43 PM ET, Fri March 30, 2012
Boy Meets Girl, Falls in Love with Girl, Buys Boat....
POP is expanding its sales team, so I have been searching for candidates that don't just talk about going above and beyond, they simply do it. When asked for an example of a time that he gave "exceptional" customer service, this is the story our applicant from Portland, Oregon submitted....

As a marine dealer I was approached by a young couple four months before their wedding. They were in the market for an offshore fishing vessel. The gentleman was an ex-Navy Rescue Swimmer and had also worked several summers as a deckhand on a charter-fishing vessel. In short, he was, in his mind, an expert in the field of offshore fishing vessels. The young lady had no experience in this arena but had serious concerns her fiancée was not “as advertised” regarding his knowledge of offshore vessels. She was, however, very careful to not let him know of her reservations. I could sense, immediately upon meeting them, that she was fearful of choices he might make. I could also sense she was the major breadwinner and would have the final say as to what was purchased.

I walked them through the buying process very slowly….always taking the time to educate the young lady but making it appear her fiancée already knew what I was just “explaining to her”. I helped them pick the vessel that filled their needs as well as equip it for the uses they intended. Then the real customer service began. I met with HER, privately, several times, to teach her boat operation, navigation, radio procedures, safety procedures and maintenance requirements. My wife and I then took HER fishing to instruct her in the techniques and gear necessary to successfully fill the fish box. Keep in mind that on their maiden voyage the fiancée had no idea his partner had received this training. We followed them out across the bar, stayed within their eyesight for the entire day and followed them back to port that evening. He was a hero as he demonstrated his expertise to his lady. She felt safe knowing more than he (but never telling him so) and I had two satisfied customers that sent me numerous referrals. I charged them nothing in excess of the standard boat/accessory prices. The many hours of extra service were just a part of the deal.

Think we should hire him? Of course! Welcome to the company Bob Aman!

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