Brian Costello is Skating By

Updated 12:12 PM ET, Wed September 7, 2016
Brian Costello is Skating By
Brian Costello hates snow. Brian Costello is from Detroit. Brian Costello decided in the 2nd grade he was going to move.

Decisions made at age 7 can be a little rash, so he stuck it out as long as he could. After a 20-year battle of wills, Brian noticed that global warming wasn't going to hit the area fast enough, and he decided to move south.

Brian owned a restaurant and catering company in Michigan, and upon moving to North Carolina took up a job in the sales side of the hospitality industry. However, a fresh start isn't really a fresh start unless you go full 180, so Brian decided to go for boats after coming across a POP ad on a job board.

"I cannot sit behind a desk," Brian admits. "9-5 isn't for me and this seemed like an entrepreneurial job which sparked my interest." Although, his only experience working with boats was during high school at the local marinas, his father owned boats, and his grandfather before that. "Lake St. Clair was my backyard," he explained of his resume.

Brian brings a lot of energy to his work, and after only a few months with us, and not yet out of Boot Camp, seems to have found his niche. When asked about life outside of POP, it wasn't surprising that he doesn't sit still much! Baseball, swimming, hitting the gym, and he plays on two ice hockey teams proving that you can take a guy out of the north, but you can't take the north out of the guy.

The move to NC did not affect his loyalties, and he has remained a dedicated Detroit Red Wings fan. Oh right, the Red Wings! Didn't Tampa Bay obliterate them in the playoffs earlier this year?! I almost brought it up, feeling it was important that we discuss the unquestionable superiority of the Lightning, but didn't want to ruin his mood. Must be hard to be a fan of a team with such a poor history of performance. Should have pressed on, would have been fun to break through that "I am a really nice, well rounded guy, who loves boats," facade and score a really good, but most likely unprintable, quote.

Welcome, Brian! We are proud to have you on the POP team!

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