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The closing of a vessel, or any substantial property for that matter, is daunting. But when you close your vessel through POP Yachts, the process is anything but daunting.

Our experienced staff knows the exact steps to take and the exact legal documents needed to ensure you get on the water as fast as possible.

At POP Yachts, we are a full service brokerage that strives to exceed customer expectations through every step of the process — our closing department is no exception.

Lauren Angelillo - Closing Coordinator
Lauren Angelillo
Closing Coordinator

We are more than
Selling Boats

Whether you are buying or selling, whether this is your first boat, or your 101st, a vessel transaction is a major purchase, and not one you want to "go it alone" on.

POP Yachts's closing department is here not only to provide paperwork and transfer funds, but to guide you through every step of the process, answer all of your questions, and make sure you are comfortable with the entire transaction. We have transferred thousands of vessels and will make sure you know exactly what to expect from agreement to delivery.

POP will assist in arranging inspections, water trials and surveys, verify ownership documentation, work with your lienholders and finance companies on your behalf. Our secure escrow accounts and fully staffed accounting department assure that all funds are safe and accounted for at all times. We have the knowledge and resources to navigate through all of the variables with Coast Guard documentation regulations and state to state transfers for boats, trailers and engines.

POP Yachts also offers registration and documentation services where available. Ask your Closing Coordinator for details pertaining to your state.

Whether your "happiest day" is buying or selling, you need a full service brokerage to guide you through the process. POP Yachts is that full service brokerage.

Experienced Staff

We have experienced closers who are pros at keeping the process moving foward and getting you on the water as quickly as possible.

Global Expertise

While we are based in Florida, we are knowledgeable and up-to-date with all processes in other states and export requirements.

Peace of Mind

All funds are held in secure escrow accounts on your behalf and are only released upon your approval.

Closing (through POP) Services

Closing (vessel through POP)

Closing (outside POP) Services

Closing (vessel outside POP)

Registration Services


USCG Documentation Services

USCG Documentation

Vessel Warranty Services

Vessel Warranty

No matter which services you choose to utilize, POP Yachts closing services will
give you peace of mind knowing you have experts working on your behalf throughout your purchase.

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Closing (vessel through POP)

When you decide to purchase a vessel from POP Yachts large inventory, our closing department will handle all aspects of the sale. We make sure that all documentation from the Seller is accurate and legal for the state or country you will be registering the vessel in, we assist in arranging any and all of your desired inspections, we make sure all liens are satisfied, and we keep your funds secure until closing. All for one nominal flat fee.

Closing (vessel outside POP)

If you have located a vessel outside of POP Yachts, but still want the peace of mind that comes with having a professional closing service, no worries, we can help. You can utilize our full slate of closing services for that vessel. Just contact our Closing Department directly at (941) 894-3215 or closingservices@popsells.com and we can take it from there. Give us a call for details and pricing.


Don't have the time (or patience) to stand in line at your local Motor Vehicle or Department of Natural Resources? Wish that you could just buy your vessel and have the needed titles and registrations delivered to you? We can do that too! Just let your Closing Coordinator know you would like all of this handled, and we will take care of it all. Just a small service charge and applicable taxes and government charges apply.

*where available.

USCG Documentation

POP Yachts Closing Department is expert at navigating the rough waters of Coast Guard Documentation or transfers. If you would like your vessel documented, just let us know. We will take care of it for a reasonable service charge that includes all USCG fees.


Would you like to know that your vessel is covered for mechanical breakdown? We may be able to help. Many of the vessels listed with POP Yachts qualify for mechanical breakdown protection from one year to up to 4 years.


My family and I decided that it was going to be time for a boat upgrade in a few years. We live closer to a saltwater area than the lake we were using our boat in and since our kids are still young, we figured we'd punt and put ourselves in better field position 3 years from now. Although we loved our boat and with not much time to spend publishing and showing it to those who weren't truly serious, we put it on craigslist. We were immediately contacted by POP yachts who were straight-forward as to their fees and operating methods. I didn't think we had anything much to lose so we allowed POP yachts to take over. In the meantime, we continued to use the boat for fishing etc. On the day we were leaving for vacation, Tom Leiper, our broker, arrived and took over 150 photos and a video using a drone. I left him at my house and he did all the work. We listed the boat higher than what we expected to get and only came down slowly as the summer and engine hours progressed. Although it would have been better for Tom and POP Yachts to sell quickly, he helped us remain patient and knew exactly when the listings reached the right audience and when to drop the price. It sold for a price I'm truly happy with and to a great couple that we stay in touch with. The depreciation was minimal and the closing process was seamless. Jessica Smith was our closing officer and did a great job in explaining everything and taking care of all the paperwork; title etc. I spent probably ten minutes signing and scanning things to send back to her. Within two hours of us selling the boat to the new couple, the money from the sale was in my account. Tom has since become a friend that talks boating with me from time-to-time and will be entrusted in becoming our broker again when and if we are ready to make the upgrade. I can't emphasize what a great experience we had with Tom and Jessica. On a side note, I really didn't have to do much work in order to facilitate the sale of my own boat. I kept it clean and had the maintenance records to prove the upkeep. Although POP Yachts takes commission, deservedly so, I truly believe my boat wouldn't have sold this easily and at the price it did. Any difference would have been minimal and would have required more time from me that I didn't have during the busy summer.
Ramsey, NJ Posted 4.9 mos ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

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