Pop Yachts' pre and post sale procedures are excellent. The two people that we associated with - Phil Shelp in Sales and Tony Gomez in Closing could not have been more pleasant, professional, helpful and friendly. And successful in selling our boat!
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A+, It's the easiest way to describe EVERYONE at Pop Yachts. Wayne was our first point of contact, within minutes of hearing about a SUPER HOT deal, we were on the phone and ready to move. This lead us to Ken who showed us everything we needed to know about the yacht and logistics for storage until we moved her. Then came Tony and his closing team which took care of EVERYTHING like an automated machine. From the initial call to the closing there was never a moment, not even a minute when I didn't know exactly what was going on. Then after closing, the docs were Fedex'd and I even got a email from Tony with in 5 minutes letting me know the docs arrived, even though I personally received the Fedex delivery. Then the docs were so well prepared, arriving at the DMV for titling and registration was basically handing the agent the folder and just wait a moment. I couldn't be more delighted in anyway with the way the whole team at Pop Yachts operate. In every review, there is space for improvements to say what the process could improve on, but all I can say is, send a little champagne looking card in the folder.
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Excellent company and experience. When I purchased my boat initially, I used a different brokerage house; although I had met Pop's broker in my area and was impressed. So, when I decided to sell my boat, it was a "no-brainer" to contact Pop Yachts and I sure am glad I did. It only took Pop about 5 minutes after my initial inquiry on their website to reach out and start the process. I started the process on July 12 and completed the sale on August 16! Very easy start-to-finish and my sales rep Ileana and her team were there every step of the way! I've read some of the negative reviews and their experience simply was not mine. In fact, I find it hard to believe otherwise. I proposed a reasonable price for my boat and was offered and accepted 95% of my asking price. I provided Pop with my previous vessel inspection and identified problems I was aware of, including the dive report. The buyer should not have received any surprises, which I am sure made Pop's job even easier. I simply cannot complain about any aspect of this process other than they sold my boat quickly and now someone else gets to enjoy her :( Do yourself a favor and hire Pop -- Today!
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Very smooth transaction. Mark was very helpful with closing the deal. Everyone at POP Yachts were very professional and their service was excellent!
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My experience as a buyer with POP Yachts was excellent. Right from the beginning, response time was quick, professional and always polite. Tom is awesome as a Sales Rep and answered our many questions along with the seller. Rusty always kept us on track during the buying process and made our closing easy. A shout out to Anthony that kept an eye ball on things. Thank you all. We successfully made our 9 day journey from Essex, MD to our home port in Harpswell, ME in a wonderful boat.
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As a US military member who was stationed overseas, Jessica Smith and Michael Fulton demonstrated the finest in Customer Service in facilitating the transaction. Jessica responded to every email and followed up on every call with helpful and timely information and suggestions. I just received my closing documents today; just as Jessica said I would and I am very pleased. Both Jessica and Michael should be commended for their customer service.
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Fast, easy, reliable, safe, legit way to buy a boat . Thank you to our sales broker Melinda Cassel and the Pop Yacht team.
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It took two years to sell our boat. Thru creative advertising and the correct price it was sold. Wade
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Great company! First time boat owner, My broker Bob Racz was aces! He helped educate me on boat ownership, was very responsive and followed up on every question/concern I had. Closing the deal was made simple thanks to Closing Coordinator Courtney Davis. As with Bob, she explained everything to me, followed up quickly on every concern or question I had. Closing was a breeze. Overall, a great experience. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a boat.
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They Took care of everything and kept you informed all the way thought listing to sale.
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We could keep going but...