This is the second boat I have sold with the assistance of POP Yachts. Their process is streamlined for getting agreements in place and documents signed. Additionally weekly reports are provided as to the number of prospects and status. Lastly the negotiation on price and deal closing that followed was smooth and straight forward. The fact that POP Yachts manages the receipt and disbursement of monies provides peace of mind on today's fraud filled world. I will use POP Yachts again in the future
Tulsa, OK Posted 2.8 wks ago on   View on website .

I recently purchased a 2005 Chris Craft Speedster from out of state through POPYachts. Their sales and customer service team were on top of the transaction at all time. The POPYachts organization was very professional and made the purchasing experience smooth and easy.
Atlanta, GA Posted 1.9 mos ago on   View on website .

Great communications and follow up.
Milwaukee, WI Posted 4.5 mos ago on   View on website .

This has been a long overdue dream to own a vintage Criscraft, let along a 1930's!!! My prior attempts have failed over a 20 year period. Pops team was absolutely exceptional during this great experience. Informative when needed, supportive when I didn't know what to do. There patience and great skills help me make a calculated decision. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks to the entire Pops team.
Reno, NV Posted 4.6 mos ago on   View on website .

From the placement of the advertising on line, to the presentation on line, to the response to my inquiries right down to the negotiation, contract and closing I received great service and attention to detail. It was a big transaction for me but the ease of it made it very enjoyable. It was a great way to buy a boat!
Georgetown, GA Posted 6.5 mos ago on   View on website .

Just within the past few days I closed my purchase of a 17' Chris Craft Mahogany Ski Boat. An antique classic, but one that skims beneath the radar, because the Chris Crafts that I skied behind back in the 50ies had Gray marine 6 cylinders. Large wakes, but not so much for speed. This one came with a Chevy 283 from the factory. Oh Yeah! Some thing that one can really work with. What I thought I knew about wood boats (plywood) does not apply to Mahogany wood as I soon found out when I met Loren Eslinger, Sales Representative for POP Yachts. Listing agent for boats,that I was investigating. Mahogany is a wood unto its self. Open grain. What I learned from Loren and making requests about different boats in different parts of the country. I learned that POP Yachts has a massive coordinated system of obtaining the information that the buyer needs without leaving your computer. They bring it to you via their agents in close up pictures, in my case, that told the story that was important to me. There are three agents involved in putting my mahogany dream together that deserve a shout out,and they are Loren Eslinger, Area Rep, Randy Harrell, Local Rep. and Rusty Kline, Closing Agent. All very professional. Very smooth operation all around. THANKS GUYS!!
Reno, NV Posted 9.5 mos ago on   View on website .

I am very glad to find people like you
Phoenix, AZ Posted 10.5 mos ago on   View on website .

Brad Weathersby and Lauren Angelillo were fantastic! Both were extremely helpful in this transaction. Even with lodging concerns and setting up an inspection they both went the extra mile. Many thanks to both of them!
Aston, PA Posted 10.7 mos ago on   View on website .

Some issues but everything worked out thanks
Posted 1.2 yrs ago on   View on website .

If I am found everybody to be very professional. When the boat did sell I was out of the country and could not be there . The crew at Pop yachts And my local marina Showing on the sale went pretty smooth . Thanks
Westbury, NY Posted 1.4 yrs ago on   View on website .

We could keep going but...

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