I subscribed to popyachts.com a couple of years ago in search for the pleasure boat that my wife and I could both enjoy. With the help of Pop Yachts they asked for a list of must haves and then started emailing links to boats for my review. Mid October one popped up that caught my eye and the process began, it was a simple process, thorough and was tailored to protect the buyer. I spoke to 4 different people with Pop Yachts in different roles who all were very informative and made the process smoother. Because of my crazy schedule we finally closed the week before Thanksgiving. I would use Pop Yachts when it comes time to sell my boat.
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I worked with Pop Yachts on my first-ever boat purchase, and they made the process smooth and easy. John Lombardi and Justine Mitchell provided attentive service throughout.
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Captain Robert Ivanicki and Jessica Smith were both very helpful and professional. They both exceeded my expectations. Because of them, it was a pleasure to do business with POP Yachts. THANK YOU
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Sale was handled with utmost professionalism , Vessel was advertised as promised and sold quickly. All paperwork was handled with virtually no effort .Thanks again to Tommy Mott the local sales rep for my area.
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So I was contacted by POP Yachts to sell my boat. Every "flag" I have went up. I have been buying, selling, trading and swapping for all of my life, so the thought of handing over the transaction to someone else was not even a consideration.

However, the first POP rep that reached out to me was so nice, so informative and so "not pushy" I had to look into it. Every question I had was immediately answered with professionalism and knowledge. Never once was there a "ugh, umm, well, I'm not sure, let me check, I don't know" or anything of the sort. Every question was immediately answered.

I did my due diligence and checked them out. After about two weeks I made the decision to give them a try.

What really caught my attention was the marketing program POP utilizes to bring in the buyers, and the reporting they do to keep me in the loop. Also I was impressed with how the boat stays in my possession along with the title, and then the "big thing".. If I source a buyer on my own I wouldn't owe a commission!

I'm in the marketing business, so I know how it works. But I also know the value of a syndicated marketing program that populates out to the hundreds of "boat for sale" web sites. I could do it, but I have my own business and dealings to run. If someone else can handle it, then why not give it a try?

I truly thought I would source my own buyer and not be out a commission.

Then James Schwartz, my local rep contacted me, and I want to sing him praises from the rooftop!

I had already written a very descriptive add and taken over 150 photos. Normally the rep takes the photos and writes the ad, but James tweaked what i had already written and used my photos. He answered all of my questions and worked with me on every detail, every step of the way. I had a specific strategy I shared with James to sell my boat and he was all in.

Occasionally I would let him know I was working with a buyer on my own. He would add their name to the protected list, and if they became a buyer I would not owe a commission.

Being in the business of marketing, selling and commissions, I told James that if I sold the boat on my own I was still going to pay what was owed just because its the right thing to do, as well as all of the tremendous amount of work he was doing. He assured me it was not necessary, but I had already made the decision to follow through because I will likely use this service in the future. And again, it would be the right thing to do! But as it turned out my buyer came from POP Yachts marketing.

The boat was listed in the fall, and both of us knew it would likely be spring before we found a buyer. About halfway through the listing I was contacted by someone at the POP home office that just wanted to make sure I was happy with my rep, happy with the results, and happy with the process. The customer service that POP exhibits in OVER THE TOP! Yes I'm happy!

James sent a detailed report every week showing the web hits, the inquiries, and the active buyers that he was engaged in conversations with about my boat. Throughout the week if someone contacted him with a question he would also let me know to kept me in the loop. We talked dozens of times via text, email and the phone to answer questions or get better descriptions of things I had done to the boat before the first showing was scheduled and we met face to face. We both knew this first prospect was not likely to buy, but James continued to follow up with him and communicate on both sides

On the second showing we found our buyer. The buyer was very interested and spent a considerable amount of time (four hours) looking at the boat and asking questions. James had another appointment and left us to talk. When the deal was finally made I called James to let him know and he initiated the paperwork that night.

This was a cash sale with no contingencies or lending required, so I can't speak to the length of time a normal transaction might take. A survey was not necessary and a lake test was not scheduled. My buyer actually lives within 10 miles and I'll likely go with him to a local lake to walk through everything when the time comes.

We made the deal on a Sunday, the buyer wired the money into escrow on Monday, and had the weather cooperated we probably could have done the pickup on Tuesday. As it was, we had to wait until Thursday for the weather to clear up.

That's FOUR DAYS from the time we shook on the deal to the time he pulled out of the driveway! Again, it could have been sooner if the rain wasn't coming down!

On Thursday late afternoon I met with James and the buyer. James had the required docs for the buyer to sign, I assigned the title over to him and had it notarized, he hooked the boat up and drove away. The next day POP wire transferred the proceeds (less commission) into my account, and it was over.

The complete transaction was awesome. The thoroughness,, the kindness, the follow-up, the professionalism of POP Yachts is OUTSTANDING. I highly recommend this service, and two of my friends have already contracted with POP on their boats. Would I use them again?

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I must admit that I made a mistake by not listing with POP from the start. I learned that the company was very professional in all respects. The local rep, Leslie, did an amazing job from the photo op to the showing of the boat. The advertising was extensive and worldwide. Each week I was given a report about who and how many we're looking. Very professional. After accepting an offer, the closing crew had the sale done in no time. Thank you everyone involved in this sale. I will definitely recommend. This service to others. Tom Prosch
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We are very please with the ease of the sale. Jay Tanzi was an excellent salesman and very attentive. He made the sale very easy and the boat was exactly what he said. Even after the sale, he met us at the marina to help us prepare the boat for our 6 hour ride home. He followed us to the ferry to make sure everything was good. Jay followed up with several phone calls to make sure we arrived home safely and the boat was running well. We purchased a 2007 Cobalt 250.
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Can't say enough great things about our experience with Pop Yachts! Throughout the buying process, I had many questions. Not even one time did I get someone's voicemail. The person I was trying to reach (from sales dept to closing coordinator) always answered every call! The closing process was completely seamless and fast! Highly recommend Pop Yachts!
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I was hesitant to purchase a used boat, let alone online and through a broker. From the first conversation with Kris Chowbay, through closing with Lauren to the trailer purchase, vessel loading and delivery with Sunny, the transaction could not have gone smoother. Any hesitation that I had was erased. The entire team was professional, helpful, and honest and made me feel as though I was their only customer. If you are thinking about buying through POP Yachts, do it. If I ever need or wish to upgrade my current boat I know I will.
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Listing process very good with excellent volume of pictures and video. Some minor listing errors in equipment never updated. Easy to work with on advice and price changes. Once we had a contract, good communication from the closing team, and professional with documents - just a little surprised they wanted them notarized and UPS'ed in a couple hours on a Friday afternoon (it was OK if it took longer, but kind of a rush.)! I also had listed the boat a couple different times on Craig's list for local buyers while it was listed with Pop Yachts, and on 2 occasions I got a lot of emails from Pop Yachts brokers asking me to list the boat; they had not checked to see that I already had it listed with Pop Yachts before contacting me. We were able to close the deal and get the boat shipped off, so I was satisfied with the process overall!
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We could keep going but...