USA Phone Numbers

For Buyers

(941) 257-0111

For Sellers

(941) 564-9988

Main Switchboard
(941) 894-3215

Fax Numbers (By DepartmentDept.)

POP has many other fax numbers, specific to teams and individuals. If you received a different fax number, you should use that one instead of one of these general departmental fax numbers where received faxes may experience delays before they are handled.

For Buyers
(941) 740-8814

For Sellers
(941) 740-6619

Closing Department
(941) 213-8805

General Office
(941) 740-8869

Please Note

We DO NOT keep any boats at our corporate headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, or any of our branch offices. We list vessels all over the country. The East Coast and West Coast have dedicated, licensed and experienced sales associates. They will inspect your boat, take multiple photographs and collect the specs. They gain a thorough knowledge of your boat, which helps them answer questions from prospective buyers.

5717 Bessie Drive,
Sarasota, FL 34233

Questions or Comments?
We want to hear them

While Pop Yachts is growing very rapidly, we are very fortunate in that we are still able to react quickly to questions, comments and ideas from our customer base, as well as our staff. In fact, we make approximately 40 little tweaks to our business model, processes, policies and software just about every day with focus on becoming the best. We would not be the company we are today without taking the time to solicit and evaluate feedback.

So, if you have any questions, comments or ideas on how Pop Yachts can become the best, please take a few minutes and let us know. You may be surprised to see one of your suggestions implemented throughout our system in the near future.

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