I found and purchased the boat all within one week. First Kris helped me get the offer in, Ana helped me get all the paper work done and Reggie helped me get to the boat's location. They were ALL so helpful and attended to my needs immediately. As a marine service manager, customer service is most important and they demonstrated professional, kind, and accurate info/help. All so good.
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Tracy and John did a great job on a small boat sale. I used to sell Tollycraft, Wellcraft, and Sea Rays and I know what it takes to sell any sized yacht. Sell yourself and you can sell anything. They sold me with their professionalism. They sold my 19' Marauder.
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POP Yachts did a very good job handling my purchase experience. The only thing was there was no one at the site the day I went to view and pick the boat up. In their defense this occurred on a Saturday, so I guess it was to be expected since they did not have an agent in the area. As far as everything else was concerned they handled everything expeditiously and professionally. I appreciated their help handling this purchase. All of the agents I dealt with were very knowledgeable. I just received the paperwork and everything appears to be in order. Good folks.
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The guys at pop yachts found a buyer quickly and were very professional. Very easy to work with
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I am so glad I decided to let Pop Yachts sell my boat. They never pressured me into anything. My money from the sale of the boat was received fast and the payoff on the boat took no time. When the bank didn't send the lien release I didn't have to worry because they were on it, Handling everything. The whole experience was great.
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