Bought our boat from Pop Yachts. Was really impressed with the ease on all aspects. Kept in contact throughout the whole process, prompt on getting back to us. Would definitely use and recommend again. Love our new boat!
Norman, OK Posted 4.3 mos ago on   View on website .

The administrative process was very easy and quite thorough. The closing agent was great with follow up. The sales process prior to sale was very inconsistent and often difficult to get showing times and feedback.
Danville, CA Posted 9.2 mos ago on   View on website .

I Highly recommend Gena Kraft as a rep with Pop Yachts. Gena has been so professional to work with and very prompt at answering questions. She has worked above and beyond to help us find a great boat. She even sent out an offer contract to the seller well after 9 pm at night for us. What an incredible work ethic! When the first boat did not work out for us she continued to send us current listings and has run value checks for us so we don't spend more than the current asking price on any boat. She has been so awesome to work with and we think she should receive an employee of the month award. Thank you Gena!
Posted 1 yr ago on   View on website .

I want to extend my Thanks to George Ramsey for his patience, support, and encouragement as I embarked on my journey to buy a boat. I knew I wanted a perfect boat, for the right price, and knew I would have to look nationally. George found it. George was intuitive to what i was looking for, not persuasive or pushy but presented boats as they came to market for me to view and make an informed decision. George exceeded my expectations. The closing process was smooth, organized, and timely. Anna Valdez, my closing coordinator was communicative, thorough, efficient, professional, and put the final touches for bringing the boat home. I testify Pop Yatch is a reputable company. I will seek George for my next boat buying experience.
Decatur, IL Posted 1.8 yrs ago on   View on website .

Pop yachts made it simple to sell my vessel. They fielded all the questions and did a great job marketing and found the right buyer. I highly recommend their services for not only selling but they do a great job finding the vessel your searching for.
Hudson, WI Posted 3 yrs ago on   View on website .

I'll commence by saying that my overall experience with POP Yachts was a dream. Their professionalism and customer service was second to none. I am from Australia and my purchase was made online. POP Yachts were with me every step of the way from the negotiation, arranging the survey and organising the import to Australia. If you are thinking of purchasing a boat, look no further than POP Yachts.
Posted 3.2 yrs ago on   View on website .

POP YACHTS is the only way to go to sell a boat for those like myself who don't have time to mess with every single call or question from boat shoppers who are not serious. Mark Ellefsen and Lauren Angelillo made the transaction very smooth. This is a great company to deal with and I highly recommend them.
Little Rock, AR Posted 3.4 yrs ago on   View on website .

You guys are great, the sale process took a day, and the buyer was pleased with my boat as it was in excellent conditions. I gave you 4 stars because I was stood up waiting on your representative to take photos, but he had a valid excuse and waiting in the boat gave me an opportunity to take care of details for a better presentation. I have strongly recommended you with over 50 boater friends who may want to upgrade or downgrade.
Denton, TX Posted 4.3 yrs ago on   View on website .

Well executed sale, no worries, POP Yachts took care of everything quickly and professionally. I would recommend using POP Yachts to anyone selling a boat!!
Green Bay, WI Posted 6.2 yrs ago on   View on website .

I'm a first-time boat buyer but I have a long experience of buying automobiles online and I have to say well I may have been a little bit nervous looking for boat on line knowing that I may not know all the right questions to ask. All my worries were put to rest when I stumbled across pop yachts. My sales rep, Jay Wolfe was outstanding! He assisted me all throughout the process, answered questions, was very patient, and gave me a first-class boat buying experience. He assisted me throughout the process giving me great guidance. The process in which they've set the program up highly encourages you doing an independent boat survey her to make sure that your purchase is all that you expect. And the survey that I got from my Tom Martin was outstanding and so thorough it went well beyond my expectations. I felt comfortable with pop yachtsusing a secure escrow account that they have in doing the transaction for purchasing the boat as well as transferring title and all that paperwork that goes along with it. What I recommend pop yachts? Ansolutely! And if and when i'm in the market for another boat it'll be the first place I go.
Nashville, TN Posted 6.4 yrs ago on   View on website .

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