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We take customer service very seriously around here. If you think that's just some line we use on our website, give us a try. Start down the process of becoming a customer and decide for yourself if you think our commitment to great service runs as deep as we say it does.

Of course we make mistakes too. It's hard to be perfect, especially when you're selling more than 1,000 times per year. Unlike many other companies, we own up to our mistakes, make things right and grow from the experience. We can proudly say that we will maintain that commitment no matter how large we get - and we will never be done "growing".

Below is a sampling of the most recent feedback results. Feedback is posted in real-time and is often shown from surveys conducted today!

Waves of
He was polite and courteous. The particular owner was way over prIced

Edwin W. From Cocoa, FL
20.2 mins ago
Andy was AMAZING. If we decide to look again, I will definitely be giving Andy a call.
Also, everyone I've had interaction with at your company is the same. Wondeful. THANKS.

Pam G. From Clearwater, FL
42.3 mins ago
I like the boat but my mechanic is steering me away from boats that were used in salt water.

Nicholas W. From Elmhurst, IL
2.1 hrs ago
Phil has been very professional and communicates very well. We are very pleased with his services.

Ken M. From Cape Haze, FL
3.2 hrs ago
He has answered any questions that I have in a timely manner.

Jerome P.
3.7 hrs ago
Shane was great always putting his clients first. any questions we had he answered.
Our only problem now is the person that owned the
Suntracker still owes money to the Texas parks and wildlife well over $1,300. and we can not get the titles in our name until he pays the taxes owed. I know this is not Shane fault I have talked to the Texas Game Warden and they have been trying to get Mr Pylant to pay and he refuses. So need your help on getting him to pay his back money so we can register our boat. Thanks

Roger and Debbie A. From Streetman, Texas
4.2 hrs ago
Tim answered my questions and did well.

Greg K. From Cocoa, FL
5 hrs ago
She was a pleasure to work with!

Dennis H. From Bradenton, FL
5.6 hrs ago
MY bad.....David HAD answered my inquiry. The email I sent you was B4 I realized that he had. Sorry...I'm VERY happy with his follow up.

Fran K. From Worcester, MA
5.8 hrs ago
Gary exceeded my expectations at every interaction with him. He truly cares about the seller and the buyer having a great experience. Gary is honest and has a no pressure sales approach that makes the experience fun and relaxing even while you are spending tons of cash. I would 100% recommend Gary to anyone looking to purchase or sell an RV, Boat or anything he wants to sell. Thank you Gary!
Keith & Gretchen Hopkins

Keith H. From Virginia
7 hrs ago
Debbie was always available to answer any questions. Would use this service again without question.

Chris W. From Indianapolis, IN
8.5 hrs ago
Randy has been great, just need to get this thing sold!

Monty M. From Houston, TX
9.1 hrs ago
Never met Dennis but he must be doing a great job because everyone was so helpful and patient. Thanks to everyone.

Michael S. From Auburn, CA
9.7 hrs ago
She is very patient and helpful. Does a great job.

Michael S. From Auburn, CA
9.7 hrs ago
Unfortunelty the boat I wanted was sold but he was very helpful and friendly

Ryan D. From Austin, TX
22.1 hrs ago
Great listener to what the customer needs are and great at locating a boat to accommodate those needs.

Kevin P. From Atlanta, GA
23.2 hrs ago
Hello Debra,
Good news and bad I sold the RV today.
I feel sad because I know you guys work a lot to get it sold. But know i am extremely satisfied working with you guys.
And for sure any future business of mine will go to you guys. Also I will refer you guys to any who need RV or boat sold.
Thank you again for everything you guys did.

Govinda R. From Jasper, GA
SEP 16
Everyone on your team was great... I would definitely recommend you guys and I'll be reaching out in the future when I'm ready to upgrade.

Patrick S. From Lawrenceville, NJ
SEP 16
It went smoothly and professional as it could be and I appreciate everything that was done to get it all closed out

Benny S.
SEP 16
Very knowledgeable and professional.

James N. From Hollywood, FL
SEP 16
Joe is very proactive at doing his job.....He was impressive....

Louis M. From Philadelphia, PA
SEP 16
Greg Satterfield has been wonderful to work with. He has such got a good handle on this business and approaches you like a friend. His advice is sound and I would highly recommend him and will continue to work with him going forward!!

Amy W. From Steamboat Springs, CO
SEP 16
James has been great. I just wish he could find me a newer Wooldridge Sport :)

Sabrina U. From Langhorne, PA
SEP 16
Keith is doing an excellent job.

Jim G. From Fernandina Beach, FL
SEP 16
Good communications, nice guy to work with.

Thomas L. From Arecibo, PR
SEP 16
No issues whatever with Bradley. One minor concern with pop yachts - your reviews contain a surprisingly large number of folks who had bad experiences and I'm just hoping I won't be joining them.

Richard B. From Salisbury, MD
SEP 16
Very good experience good Communication easy to work with

Les M.
SEP 16
I've been informed and in touch throughout thus far.

Hanna F. From Fresno, CA
SEP 16
He's sending appropriate rvs for us to look at online.

Pam K. From Yakima, WA
SEP 15
Everything went well. Waiting USCG documents. Thanks to all.

Carlton or Terry S.
SEP 15
Very personable and knowledgeable and an excellent communicator.

Jamie R. From Medford, OR
SEP 15
She is helpful. I gave her what we are looking for and she has responded with a few boats.
Thank you.

Sonja P. From Temecula, CA
SEP 15
John was great to work with very professional and knowledgeable in questions asked

Shane A. From Daytona Beach, FL
SEP 15
Tony has taken the time to address my needs and help me find the perfect boat. A true professional

Matt N. From Winter Haven, FL
SEP 15
Persistent and focused on achieving a positive outcome.

Mike H. From Fredericksburg, VA
SEP 15
Timely and clear communication.

Mike H. From Fredericksburg, VA
SEP 15
I would give Gary 10 stars if I could. Super easy to work with and he kept us informed the entire way.

Teresa R. From Indianapolis, IN
SEP 15
Ana is very professional and proficient in her job. Awesome to work with!

Teresa R. From Indianapolis, IN
SEP 15
Pia was wonderful! She answered all my questions and was extremely helpful!

Cotty N. From Brentwood, NY
SEP 14
He is doing great. We just can't get the owners to let us see them yet.

Debbi and RAymond S. From San Diego, CA
SEP 14
He's very kind. Not high pressure which I liked.

Robert K. From Nashville, TN
SEP 14
Couldn't have asked for a better Rep Thanks!!!

Tony B. From New Orleans, LA
SEP 14
Up to this point I have been surfing and checking out RV units. I've had a dream for over 30 tears to have a RV and see the country. My husband died a few weeks ago and my children have been encouraging me to follow that dream.
I have just reached out to Rome with some questions and he's been Very! responsive and more than willing to help.

Gwen B.
SEP 14
She responded to me regarding a nice little classic day sailer. I'd asked about draft, which is unknown.
I'm new in the Tally area and will be looking for a small trailerable sailboat. However I'm going to lean toward something with lower maintenance though I truly love the feel of a wood deck over all others.
Thank you

Frank P. From Tacoma, WA
SEP 14
all good.. answered all my questions

Douglas K. From Cocoa, FL
SEP 14
Jim was super nice and helpful.

Mike W. From Rosenberg, TX
SEP 14
Kevin did a great job!! He kept us informed from day one. The process went exactly as he explained to us in the beginning. Connecting with Pop RVs made selling our camper much less stressful than if we had attempted to do so on our own. I am grateful we found out about your company!

Sharon R. From Atlanta, GA
SEP 14
Sheri was awesome handling the back and forth of all the documents needed to complete the closing. I probably drove her crazy with my questions but she was very patient. Thank you, Sheri!!

Sharon R. From Atlanta, GA
SEP 14
Kevin did a great job!! He kept us informed from day one. The process went exactly as he explained to us in the beginning. Connecting with Pop RVs made selling our camper much less stressful than if we had attempted to do so on our own. I am grateful we found out about your company!

Sharon R. From Atlanta, GA
SEP 14
Jim has been a joy to work with. He responded to my inquiry quickly and answered all my questions. We had a great talk and he now understands my interests. I am looking forward to hear from him on future opportunities. He represents your company with trust and integrity.

John G. From Oil City, PA
SEP 14

The transaction was extremely easy. They did a great job keeping me informed. Great job.
San Antonio, TX Posted 4 yrs ago on   View on website .