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We take customer service very seriously around here. If you think that's just some line we use on our website, give us a try. Start down the process of becoming a customer and decide for yourself if you think our commitment to great service runs as deep as we say it does.

Of course we make mistakes too. It's hard to be perfect, especially when you're selling more than 1,000 times per year. Unlike many other companies, we own up to our mistakes, make things right and grow from the experience. We can proudly say that we will maintain that commitment no matter how large we get - and we will never be done "growing".

Below is a sampling of the most recent feedback results. Feedback is posted in real-time and is often shown from surveys conducted today!

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Hi David, thank you for following up with me and I appreciate that. All is well and at the moment I will reach back out to you when need be. Have a wonderful week.Regards,

Abe L. From Toronto, ON
4.7 hrs ago

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Hi David,

Mark has helped me a lot.

I am close to making an offer on the pontoon that I am interested in.

Keith M. From Greeley, CO
5.7 hrs ago

Michael's response was swift and thorough. I appreciate the good service.

I'm very interested in the boat. I'm in Alaska and need to work through the logistical issues of getting the boat to Anchorage.

Scott H. From Anchorage, AK
6.2 hrs ago
Roger is doing a great job. I really like the way your company does business.

Glen F. From Providence, RI
6.3 hrs ago
hello David,
so far my experience with your company, and Jeff Chester, has been excellent. i feel Jeff has gone above and beyond toanswer all my questions, and supply info on available boats.
i'm looking forward to continuing my search, and hopefully purchase soon. thanks so much ,

James F. From Albany, NY
7 hrs ago
Ok thanks David, yes Jeff is doing a fine job keeping me informed on a boat that currently has an offer on it and I asked him to keep me updated if it falls through which he is doing as well as sending me some other possibilities.

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Andrew K. From Houston, TX
7.2 hrs ago
Good morning,
Wynn has been very helpful. he is trying to get me into my new boat.

Marcos R. From Hinesville, GA
7.3 hrs ago
Good morning Dave,Mark is a great person,we are getting along just fine.

David B. From St. Louis, MO
7.7 hrs ago
Dear David:

Yes he has been very good. Prompt responses, even on weekends which is above and beyond the call of duty. He has done what he says, and though I have only exchanged emails, texts, and phone calls so far I feel the he
is honest and transparent.


Paul M. From Providence, RI
8.2 hrs ago
Thanks, everything is going well.Thanks

Oliver M.
8.7 hrs ago
All is good. Thanks for checking.

Bruce W. From Chickasha, OK
9.3 hrs ago
Roberta and Nafis are very good. They seem to never rest working every single day.

Riviera C. From Mérida, Mexico
9.5 hrs ago
Good morning David.

I have been talking with Paul for about a week or so now and he has been very helpful and informative. I will continue to work with him to hopefully find something that I like enough to purchase. Thank you for reaching out.

Benjamin D. From Columbia, SC
10.1 hrs ago
Hi David,
Jim has been awesome. Super responsive and very knowledgeable. I was in south Louisiana and he set up a viewing of a boat with less than a day's notice.
I'm looking forward to working more with him.

JJ J. From Houston, TX
22.6 hrs ago
Hi Everything is going well so far.

Ted M. From Mansfield, MA
23.9 hrs ago
Good afternoon David,
So far, Brad has been very informative and helpful. I am planning to look at the rv tomorrow and give you more feedback.

Hazel-terri C. From Lake Charles, LA
JAN 21
I am very happy with Todd and the work he and you all have done.
I have seen the site and I am very impressed.
Now the only thing left to do is sell the boat.
Thank you.

Robert G. From Winter Park, FL
JAN 21
Hi David,
Jeff is a very good salesman. Positive feedback. No problem.
Kind Regards

Gurkan S.
JAN 21
David,Although I have not met Howard personally to date, I must say he was very quick to respond to my inquiry and has been persistent in his approach to sell the boat. I am very particular in what I am looking for so probably a difficult customer but he has made every attempt to reach out with the vessels you represent. The approach is good and positive so in my opinion I would keep up with what you are doing and it is apparent that the training you must provide is beneficial. Just my opinion! Have a great week and good luck on the success of this company!!regards

David M. From West Palm Beach, FL
JAN 21
Mike is great. We are trying to make a plan to get with him soon to see what we can put together. Thanks

Kenny D. From Rock Hill, SC
JAN 21
Tom was great. No issues.

Lowell K. From Yonkers, NY
JAN 21
Hi David,
Mike is helping me with my boat needs.
Thanks asking.

John S.
JAN 20
Hi, yes experience has been positive up until now. Thank you

Sammy H. From San Diego, CA
JAN 20
David, Betty and I are very pleased with Pop Yachts and Bradley. I'm sure the Recent weather here in FL has not interested many people in buying a boat. Bradley is extremely knowledgeable in his profession and we have the upmost confidence that our Sea Ray will sell soon. .

Kevin & Betty F. From Tampa, FL
JAN 20
Hi David,So far so good. Scott is pleasant and professional. Haven't found our "dreamboat" yet but we know it's out there (somewhere!).

Ellen G. From Wilmington North Carolina
JAN 20
So far so good. We are only in the beginning stages of evaluation and it may be a while before we buy.

Scott C. From Columbus, OH
JAN 20

No issues with Johnny. He has answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable

Mark W. From Weatherford, TX
JAN 20
David,Roberta has been great. I am just considering all options right now before I pull the trigger on which way I go. I have no reservations about working with her should I choose one she has.

Christopher Y. From Sumter, SC
JAN 20
I have been very happy with pat Thanks for checking in. Everything has been pretty easy for me so far.

Ben D. From Spanish Fort, AL
JAN 20
Hi DavidPop yatch for me its a five star company..I buy a boat a year ago with Roman and now im selling with him because he is very good..

Guille M.
JAN 20
Oh yes, Heather has been very prompt in her replies to my inquiries and was on site in the snow and cold when I looked at a boat yesterday with the owner. Very professional!

R George R. From Sharon, PA
JAN 20
Hi David,
So far everything has been great! Thanks so much,

Joseph C. From Oakland, CA
JAN 19
He's doing a great job. Only way he could do better is to sell it! He was very professional and i'm very happy with him and the constant feedback from your service.

Christopher H. From Knoxville, TN
JAN 19
Thanks David,
The team did a great job helping me out with my Catalina needs. Thanks for taking the time to follow up.

Have A Great Day

Marc D. From Detroit, MI
JAN 19
Hello Dave -yes John is doing a great job with me unfortunately the best boat he sent me went on contract the day I wanted to look at it!

I probably would like to talk to John on the phone rather than just emails so he can thoroughly understand what I am really looking for.

Thanks for asking! I am impressed with POP Yachts at this point. I had not heard of them before a week ago :-) and I have had boats for 40 years!

Al H. From Broomfield, CO
JAN 19
Heather has been wonderful. Unfortunately the vessel I wanted info on has been sold. But, she knows what I am after, and she said she would be back as soon as she found something.
Thanks for the input.

Mark S. From Willoughby, OH
JAN 19
David, Gregg has been outstanding. Been happy with all that he is doing.

David S. From El Cajon, CA
JAN 19
Yes, Gary is doing a fine job, I have put my boat search on hold due to some recent medical issues but hope to continue my search soon.

Adam M. From Minneapolis, MN
JAN 19
I just want to tell you I've only had interaction with Gena by e-mail so far but her follow-up is excellent and I would do business with her based on the relationship she has built.Thanks,

Rick B.
JAN 19
Yes, David, she is doing great and been very organized and professional.
Great job so far! We are not "in season" but I am sure we will have more interest by March/April :)

Michelle I. From Irvine, CA
JAN 18
Mike has helped me good, no complaints....Thanks....unfortunately the Coach I wanted sold higher than my offer.

Bill W.
JAN 18

David Thank you.

Doug W. From Hartford, CT
JAN 18
Hi David, Sorry about not getting back with you sooner, but John has been very helpful throughout this process. He has responded quickly to my messages and provided me with good answers. Thanks for asking and yes,
everything is good.

Chris S. From North Augusta, SC
JAN 18
Mr. Perkins;As a small business owner (Professional Land Surveyor) I want to share with you what a gem of a business associate you have in Roberta. She is absolutely right on the ball, responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, understanding, able to think on her feet while very personable with a dash of good humor. The business world needs millions of her.
It is still my intention to buy the boat I initially inquired about. All my other boats were in the mid to high twenty something footers with trailers. I guess I'm too ignorant about what additional, (unnecessary ?) costs are associated with timing issues. I won't be able to begin negotiations with my preferred marina until the second week in February and hope to have a slip/mooring ready before I run out of the 45 day "grace" period after the final payment/paperwork is completed. Ideally, the boat will be plopped into the water and slipped/moored the same day/weekend. Since I've sold one more boat than I've bought to date, I can see the seller's point of view. I like that we're still having a dialogue and I welcome any insights you might share.

James T. From Framingham, MA
JAN 18
Hello David,
Thomas has provided excellent service! :-)
Thank you,

Mary M. From Santa Cruz, CA
JAN 18
So far all great. Thanks for reaching out David. First time user of your service, and I have sold many boats. Impressed.

Jeff K. From Louisville, KY
JAN 18

Hello David Gena has been great to work with. Thank you

Bill K. From San Jose, CA
JAN 18
Hi David-Ian was very helpful. The boat we saw, yellow rose, is very unusual and seeing her probably raised more questions than it answered. But I really appreciate his time and your follow up and it is not lost on me how much fresher your listings are ham pretty much all the other websites. So I will be back fairly soon I suspect. Thanks-

Tom O. From Mount Laurel, NJ
JAN 18
Good Morning,
He took good care of me and answered all my questions.
Also followed up afterward.
Thank you

Patrick B. From Baton Rouge, LA
JAN 18
Chris Croxton has been great and very helpful, I'm excited to hopefully closing on the boat tomorrow and appreciate everything the POP Yachts team has done to get me to this point

Kyle S. From Tallahassee, FL
JAN 18

My family and I decided that it was going to be time for a boat upgrade in a few years. We live closer to a saltwater area than the lake we were using our boat in and since our kids are still young, we figured we'd punt and put ourselves in better field position 3 years from now. Although we loved our boat and with not much time to spend publishing and showing it to those who weren't truly serious, we put it on craigslist. We were immediately contacted by POP yachts who were straight-forward as to their fees and operating methods. I didn't think we had anything much to lose so we allowed POP yachts to take over. In the meantime, we continued to use the boat for fishing etc. On the day we were leaving for vacation, Tom Leiper, our broker, arrived and took over 150 photos and a video using a drone. I left him at my house and he did all the work. We listed the boat higher than what we expected to get and only came down slowly as the summer and engine hours progressed. Although it would have been better for Tom and POP Yachts to sell quickly, he helped us remain patient and knew exactly when the listings reached the right audience and when to drop the price. It sold for a price I'm truly happy with and to a great couple that we stay in touch with. The depreciation was minimal and the closing process was seamless. Jessica Smith was our closing officer and did a great job in explaining everything and taking care of all the paperwork; title etc. I spent probably ten minutes signing and scanning things to send back to her. Within two hours of us selling the boat to the new couple, the money from the sale was in my account. Tom has since become a friend that talks boating with me from time-to-time and will be entrusted in becoming our broker again when and if we are ready to make the upgrade. I can't emphasize what a great experience we had with Tom and Jessica. On a side note, I really didn't have to do much work in order to facilitate the sale of my own boat. I kept it clean and had the maintenance records to prove the upkeep. Although POP Yachts takes commission, deservedly so, I truly believe my boat wouldn't have sold this easily and at the price it did. Any difference would have been minimal and would have required more time from me that I didn't have during the busy summer.
Ramsey, NJ Posted 4.9 mos ago on   View on website .