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We take customer service very seriously around here. If you think that's just some line we use on our website, give us a try. Start down the process of becoming a customer and decide for yourself if you think our commitment to great service runs as deep as we say it does.

Of course we make mistakes too. It's hard to be perfect, especially when you're selling more than 1,000 times per year. Unlike many other companies, we own up to our mistakes, make things right and grow from the experience. We can proudly say that we will maintain that commitment no matter how large we get - and we will never be done "growing".

Below is a sampling of the most recent feedback results. Feedback is posted in real-time and is often shown from surveys conducted today!

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Hi Jenny
Yes, he is making best efforts on my behalf. Thank you.

Bill M.
46.5 mins ago
Teresa as well as everyone has been very helpful, Scott was and is still being a great source of information. I have been pleased with your operation.

Terry G. From San Francisco, CA
47.9 mins ago
I did make contact with him today. Thanks for following up. He has been very responsive.

Kory V. From Waukesha, WI
1.1 hrs ago
Hello Jenny and yes mike was five star and very helpful and professional

Richard C. From Phoenix, AZ
1.2 hrs ago
So far so good with Doug! Looking at a vessel today, so far the experience has been very pleasant.

Scott N. From Southborough, MA
2.4 hrs ago
Aaron is doing great. I'm just looking right now and asking questions.

Jeff M. From Lafayette, LA
2.8 hrs ago
Hi Jenny,
So far so good with Andy. He has been courteous and responsive.

Christina B. From Clearwater, FL
3 hrs ago
Andy is great and doing a fine job. I have no questions at this time. Thank you,

Richard S. From Tampa, FL
3.1 hrs ago
Andrew has been very helpful, he's answering all the questions I have and helping me through this process. It'll be a few months before I buy a boat as I need to sell the boat that I have right now first.

Mason C. From Manistee, MI
3.2 hrs ago
Thanks for the email.
Yes, ray is taking great care of us. Just trying to de-conflict schedules at this point.

Steve G. From Big Pine Key, FL
3.5 hrs ago
all good. thanks

Bill M. From Fort Washington, PA
3.8 hrs ago
Its all good.

Steve G.
3.8 hrs ago
She was awesome!!! Great response times and has a "can do" attitude! She's a fantastic rep!!!

Adrian V. From San Antonio, TX
3.9 hrs ago
Bob has been very attentive to my questions. Thank you.

David D.
3.9 hrs ago
He has been in contact with me.

Dan L. From Ridgeley, WV
4.2 hrs ago
Johnny had been great so far. Thanks.

Jason W. From Baltimore, MD
4.4 hrs ago
Hi Jenny,Yes, he has followed up with me and my wife and I are discussing some details.

Bernard U. From Leonardtown, MD
5.2 hrs ago

She is very helpful and answers questions quickly , she is currently trying to help me find something to fit my needs

Larry G.
5.4 hrs ago
Thanks for your e-mail, Jenny. Gary has been terrific with the persistence of his follow up.

Rick H. From Point Reyes Station, CA
16.7 hrs ago
Hi Jenny,Kristin was very helpful with my questions and responded right away. Hopefully in the future I will be needing her services.Thanks,

Chris C.
18.1 hrs ago
Mark at Pop yachts really knows his business and provided credible advice while helping he me sell my boat. I was selling a purpose built hunting boat which really narrowed down the pool of buyers but Mark was able to keep inquiries coming my way and helped me get fair market value for my boat. Pop Yachts can sell your boat. Thanks Mark.

Jeff L. From Cypress, TX
18.5 hrs ago
Gena was quite helpful. Service and information was great. Thanks.

Rocky T. From Ben Lomond, CA
19.3 hrs ago
Pia has been very pleasant to deal with and has been getting good information to me. I am still just in the beginning stages of looking for a boat, unless the right one pops up.
If you have any other questions please let me know.

Michael D. From Williston, ND
22.5 hrs ago
Catherine has been busy sending me lots of options (she even sends emails as early as 7am :)
I am very happy with her assistance

Matt H. From Minneapolis, MN
22.8 hrs ago
Mr. Perkins,
So far, any questions I've had regarding POP Yachts have been answered promptly by Jene. He covered things so well during our appointment for picture taking that I haven't had a need to touch base with him for more. He does a good job keeping in touch via his weekly email updates.
Thank you,

Brian S. From Kansas City, KS
23.6 hrs ago
So far-- all is well. I will keep in touch.

Frank A. From Newport News, VA
23.8 hrs ago
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Hi Jenny, I'm doing well. Thank you for asking. As for Kenny' performance, he has done fantastic as far as finding boats that are in my acceptance parameters. I do hope your business does well. Just keep plugging and continue your already good customer service. Just a little advice. Please have your yacht owners take extensive photos of their boats. Especially where wood meets wood on a wooden boat and also good one of the bilge. Unfortunately I have had to put off looking for a boat for a couple of months. I've put Kenny's contact info in my contacts and will contact you folks when I get ready to get serious. Have to deal with a few road blocks first.Thank you.

Jesse D.
1 day ago
Yes, he did a good job and was very helpful.

Charles S. From Sacramento, CA
JUL 26
Excellent service so far. Cherie has been extremely helpful.


Richard E. From Denver, CO
JUL 26
He's outstanding. Went above and beyond to get the info I requested on a boat.

Mike L. From Mount Laurel, NJ
JUL 26
First of all Pia has been great. She was very flexible with her Te when she met us down in Ocean City and the follow up. Although we didn't buy the boat the boat did show very well and all of our questions were answered.I still continue to look for the right boat and check the POP yachts web site for updated listings. Over all very happy with the experience.

Tim C. From Syracuse, NY
JUL 26
David Paul has been diligently handling the marketing of the boat. He checks in regularly and provides summaries of interested parties. I have had no problems and can see he and other POP employees are working we LLC to sell the boat.

Jim R. From Syracuse, NY
JUL 26

Bill is doing a great job. Thanks

Robby B. From Atlanta, GA
JUL 26
Good morning David. I came to POP at the recommendation of a friend who's boat you sold. I've been impressed so far with the great communication and updates on a weekly basis - if not more often.
We were listed with another broker and never received any feedback except when a client contacted him (maybe). We put it on boat trader ourselves for a while and got a call from a prospect that said "oh thank god you listed it yourself! We have called that broker 5 times and he never called us back!" Obviously they didn't buy but it really bugged me to hear that.
So far I have been impressed with the service and will let you know if anything changes along that line.
Thanks for reaching out.

Bob B. From Butler, PA
JUL 26
David Everything is good

Nate D. From Mexia, TX
JUL 26
Yes, she's been very attentive, quick to respond.

Charles W. From Riverside, CA
JUL 26
Jeff is doing a great job of keeping me informed and really knows his business. Hope to have an offer soon.

Randy M. From Norfolk, VA
JUL 26
Yes, Thomas is doing great and I love working with Pop Yachts. Everyone has been professional, responsive, and positive.

Art S. From Columbus, OH
JUL 26
Mark has been very professional.

Larry M. From Edmond, OK
JUL 25
He's done well keeping me up to date with weekly reports. Just yesterday I dropped the price and emailed him late yesterday and haven't heard from him. Not to worry, I'm sure he'll get the message and respond promptly.

Gordon V. From Lynden, WA
JUL 25
Thank you for reaching out. Chris has been very responsive and even offered a couple of other boats for me to consider.

So far, so good!


Janet J. From Lubbock, TX
JUL 25
Hi Jenny,

I've been out of the boating scene for quite some time and so was not familiar with your company.

I think it's a great idea, it's really a bad deal buying a boat directly from an individual or selling one as well. Having an intermediary is much more comfortable.

Just making a few inquiries and Cris has been very good about providing info and alternatives.

Thanks for asking.

Steve J.
JUL 25
David, Jeff is doing a great job of keeping me informed and really knows his business. Hope to have an offer soon.

Randy M. From Norfolk, VA
JUL 25

Good day to you, Gina has been amazing. Super knowledgeable and also gives me options other than the boat I initially contacted her on..good stuff!!

Bo B. From Anaheim, CA
JUL 25
Hello Jenny. Just following up on your email regarding Mark Ellefsen at POP Yachts. Speaking for Marilyn and myself we both are very pleased working with Mark. He's a consummate professional helping explain in clear terms how a boat purchase works when going through a boat broker. In addition, his marine knowledge regarding the industry assisted in guiding us with decision making and has been very helpful. I'm not a novice to boating (having owned and operated boats for fifteen plus years) but that ended in 2002. Mark brought us back up to speed on how things have developed and changed over this time. We look forward to continue to work with Mark and POP Yachts.

Dave K. From Chicago, IL
JUL 25

Howard has been a wealth of knowledge. He has been professional and prompt. I would recommend him to anyone I know who is in the market for a boat. Thank you.

Very Truly Yours,

Adam M. From Valrico, FL
JUL 25
I was more than pleased with Pop Yachts when I bought this boat, which is why I am using you guys again. Very professional and thorough all the way. Working with Mark has been an unexpected pleasure. Thanks, Gary

Gary Y. From Memphis, TN
JUL 25

Steven was great. Very quick to respond and courteous.

David A.
JUL 25
Yes, Bryan has been fine

Scott L. From Wauseon, OH
JUL 25
Hi Jenny Yes he has been doing great. He has been Very responsive. Thx for asking

Dana H. From Bend, OR
JUL 25

Thank you for all of your help! We truly appreciate it!
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