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Real-Time Feedback, Unedited
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We take customer service very seriously around here. If you think that's just some line we use on our website, give us a try. Start down the process of becoming a customer and decide for yourself if you think our commitment to great service runs as deep as we say it does.

Of course we make mistakes too. It's hard to be perfect, especially when you're selling more than 1,000 times per year. Unlike many other companies, we own up to our mistakes, make things right and grow from the experience. We can proudly say that we will maintain that commitment no matter how large we get - and we will never be done "growing".

Below is a sampling of the most recent feedback results. Feedback is posted in real-time and is often shown from surveys conducted today!

Waves of
The ultimate test will be how fast Mike Powell sells my boat in this difficult environment. But so far I'm impressed.

Steve S. From Winter Park, FL
32.8 mins ago
I am just beginning a search for my first big water boat and John has already sent me several listings to review. So at this point he is doing a fine job.

Fred B. From Eldridge, IA
1 hr ago
I was impressed with the rapid response from Wesley

Paul B. From Sherman, TX
1.2 hrs ago
Paul responded promptly to my query about the Shamrock and encouraged me to make an offer. It's apparent his focus is helping close deals which benefits both buyers and sellers. Thx Paul!

James P. From Washington, DC
2.4 hrs ago
all good, thanks, he is awesome to work with...

Brent K. From New Westminister, BC
3.3 hrs ago
He was very friendly and did a thorough job of taking pictures. I hope he is successful in selling the R.V.

Gary L. From Kingsport, TN
4.8 hrs ago
I appreciate the weekly activity report and Stephen has been very responsiv.

Dale M. From Kirkland, WA
4.8 hrs ago
Capt Ron is straight forward and professional! I will recommend him to everyone I know!

Jon N. From Camden, DE
5.4 hrs ago
I'm so glad I found your brokerage service. The RV we looked at yesterday didn't live up to our expectations, but Kenneth is searching for others that might work for us. I'm also considering listing my current motorhome with your agency, and I've already referred another owner to Kenneth. I'm so glad I discovered you!

Barbara R. From Rochester, NY
6.5 hrs ago
Very helpful. Did not make a purchase but that had nothing to do with Mark. Thanks

Damen C.
7.3 hrs ago
I'd sure like her to sell it, but I know she's doing everything she can.

Quinn L. From Ketchikan, AK
7.4 hrs ago
Jeff has been very good helping me the deal did not work out on the boat I was trying to get but he is searching for another one he sent me pictures this morning .

George M. From Raleigh, NC
9.7 hrs ago
So far he has been great. Haven't been able to do much other then a few emails because of the current state of things.

Charles K. From Albany, NY
9.9 hrs ago
these guys work well for every question they answer well for everyone help me like

Vladimir J. From Palm Coast, FL
19.8 hrs ago
Can't hold this crisis against you or anyone else. No issues is a good thing.

Auley M. From Atlanta, GA
20.7 hrs ago
I mistook Pops for a dealer, not a broker. I do not require your services. But, Mary was very nice and helpful. If I were in need of your services, I would have enjoyed working with her.

Michael P. From Atlanta, GA
23.7 hrs ago
It's good to meet you though I am about six time zones west of Florida
as I am providing field service work for the electric utility here in Adak where the past tense now, used to belong to the US Navy
So to let you know I have been looking at boats for a while and do like a number of boats Ray has sent my way. The internet is very expensive & poor, go figure. The C-19 virus has a lot of uncertainty and has started up quite a while after my travel to Adak
So, hopefully I can continue to look at your offerings.
I appreciate the opportunity to visit & is was my youngest brother Luke Welker who sent me to your site. who lives in Prosper, Texas
Thank you again
Paul Welker II
1 907 440 0947

Paul W.
Haven't found the right boat yet but I have a challenging budget. Don has been very responsive and helpful so far.

Jeff M. From Gainesville, GA
Kevin was very helpful, found the right boat for me.

Ted H. From Newburgh, NY
Steve was always on top of things regarding the sale of the RV. He is definitely a good representative.

Roni W. From Stuart, FL
Honestly, I did not have much interaction with Paul. When we did interact, it was fine.

Roni W. From Stuart, FL
He was really great throughout my deal thanks.

Joe M. From Red Bluff, CA
She's been very responsive to our needs.

Alfred and Kathleen S. From Granite Falls, NC
Allen has been great to work with. He has listened to what we are looking for and sent me many great boats to look at.

Valeria R.
My experience with Team Montgomery has been a delight, my life is in great turmoil right now, with my wife's health issues, the lovely virus, and various life challenges.
I have not always been able to get RV issues done in a timely manner as I would like, but these two have demonstrated patience and understanding, in the knowing it will happen just as soon as I can kick into gear.
I feel owning an RV in our life would be a God Send, that will provide opportunities to get my wife away from stress of daily life and just relax, without having to go far, in the comfort of our little realm.
It is really a comfort knowing I have this team on my side and will help me through this process, means a lot.
I would like to add, your web site is very user friendly, which I fine quit refreshing, thank you, I design and build web sites so I can truly appreciate all that has gone into the back office of this site, good work.

Michael W. From Ft Collins, CO
Dave has explained each step and made me comfortable about your system, We did have a complication. A prior deal seemed to come about and we might have the opportunity to trade it in. We are in the process of seeing if a deal can be put together. So I told Dave to hold off until I know for sure.

Raymond (Skip) B. From Vista, CA
I always cringe when I have to deal with a sales person of any kind when it comes to cars, boats, and even a house.
My kids and I were caught off guard with how easy going, helpful, patient, understanding, and increadible support Scott provided during the whole process of the buying of the sailboat. It is very rare to have sales and support people of this quality. Scott also deserves a bonus and a raise because of going above and beyond. Thank you.

Edward M. From Lancaster, NH
Awesome, The most patient, friendly, and helpful customer service person I have come across in many years.
Thank you, and give her a Bonus and a raise.

Edward M. From Lancaster, NH
With the pandemic going on she has been providing me with alot of additional information which I would need in order to purchase a boat. Normally I would be driving to the marinas or physically looking at boats. Currently MD is under a "stay at home" directive by the Governor of MD. This is dramatically impacting all businesses with anything to do with recreational boating at a most inopportune time. She is currently working with me to where I can make a decision as to whether or not to buy a boat. Stephen

Stephen S. From Rockville, MD
Professional, checked in often. Even came for boat pick up and he did bot need to.

Danny W. From San Ramon, CA
Only spoke to once. He was kind and efficient.

Danny W. From San Ramon, CA
keeps me updated well...thank you

Roy W. From Houston, TX
Debbie was the best!!
Excellent customer service.
Highly recommend her.

Ron P. From Kentucky
Ray was great! I wish I could have someone to work with like Ray every time I purchase something online. He was there when I needed him, always ready to help. I could of never gotten anyone better.

Rick C. From Tacoma, WA
Tony was diligent with his efforts during our boat search and then worked closely with us throughout the entire purchase process including negotiations, surveys, subsequent negotiations, and all steps toward, during and follow up of the closing process. His support is greatly appreciated, along with his friendly mannerism and cordial professionalism shown through all of his dealings with us.

Racheal M.
Lauren was very helpful throughout the closing process, answering our questions, contacting and working with our banker, and sending notifications and following up to keep us updated and verifying receipt of documents. She always demonstrated a cordial and professional manner.

Racheal M.
Shannon has been wonderful. It is not her fault that there have not been any recent showings. Corona Virus

Gale S. From Cape Coral, FL
So far so good, he gets back to me in a timely fashion which is always appreciated. Especially in these weird time.

Jason S. From Boston, MA
He has been wonderful with helping us with all our needs.

Erin B. From College Grove, TN
Michelle is doing great. She found a very nice boat for us to consider. The issue is I also found a boat closer to home so I am going to look at it too.
Thank you

Rick R. From Milwaukee, WI
Very prompt, courteous and professional.

Dariun W. From Palm Springs, CA
She has been excellent ! Very Knowledgeable and experienced
I would definitely purchase another boat this wav

Chase U. From Anderson, South Carolina
Klause has been wonderful! Very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous, always promptly getting back to me by text, phone and email. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Shelley C. From Grand Rapids, MI
Great!!! He has been very helpful and continued to be!

Melissa B.
Great communication, so far. Considering that the world is on hold with the virus lockdown. Let's hope things get better soon.

Robert M. From St Augustine, FL
Bernie has been quick to respond and very helpful...great!

Paul K. From Vancouver, BC
Made you feel comfortable and confident in him. very pleasant to deal with.

Richard M. From Middletown, NJ
Responded quickly and professionally!

Marc U. From Boston, MA
Doug has been very helpful and would have no problem dealing with him in the future.

Lloyd M. From Cocoa, FL
Due to this Corona virus we may have to postpone closing because of unable to get the coach inspected prior to May 1st that area is on quarantine

Bill K. From Leesburg, FL

The transaction was extremely easy. They did a great job keeping me informed. Great job.
San Antonio, TX Posted 2.6 yrs ago on   View on website .

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