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We take customer service very seriously around here. If you think that's just some line we use on our website, give us a try. Start down the process of becoming a customer and decide for yourself if you think our commitment to great service runs as deep as we say it does.

Of course we make mistakes too. It's hard to be perfect, especially when you're selling more than 1,000 times per year. Unlike many other companies, we own up to our mistakes, make things right and grow from the experience. We can proudly say that we will maintain that commitment no matter how large we get - and we will never be done "growing".

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Waves of
So far, so good Lauri.I am hoping for the best

Geoff M. From Pennsauken, NJ
3.6 hrs ago
HI Laura,
John Mitro was great. He responded professionally and quickly to my questions. He represented POP RVs well.
Thanks for asking,

Phil G.
5 hrs ago
Yes Bernie did gr8

Jamie C. From Sarasota, FL
5.7 hrs ago
David has been great. We have a good line of communication. I have been very pleased.

Al R. From Detroit, MI
6.2 hrs ago
Hello Lauri

He has and has already come by today to take pictures. Thank you for the follow up.


Daniel K. From San Antonio, TX
6.9 hrs ago
Hi Lauri,
So far, the experience has been great. Thank you for reaching out.

David F. From Houston, TX
7.7 hrs ago
He is on top of everything it appears. Waiting for a sale or trade for a trawler.

Joseph M. From Crystal River, FL
8.1 hrs ago
Yes. Service is fine

Keith W.
18.3 hrs ago
Everything has been a pleasure and will be viewing the vessel in the next couple of days

Barry G. From Broussard, LA
21.1 hrs ago

Lauri I would say he has done well. So far all I have asked for is information

Jim C.
21.5 hrs ago
Hello Lauri , Everything is going good and John has been great.

Greg W. From Wilmington, DE
OCT 16
Jim and Sara have done a good job. No buyer yet

Nydia W. From Oxnard, CA
OCT 16
Yes, it's been good. I gave him more specific parameters, so let's see if he can find anything.Thanks,

Jerry S. From Inman, KS
OCT 15
So far so great Jim and Sata have been amazing to work with so far.

Heather M.
OCT 15
Hi Laurie, Rays been great answers any questions we have. So far all has been good just wish the Sunstar would hurry and sell! Thank for contacting me. Everything seems good for now. Thanks

Vince S. From Ottawa, Canada
OCT 15
Lauri,It's all good so far. Thanks

Randy B. From Chattanooga, TN
OCT 15
Thank you for the follow up. Mark has been very helpful. He is keeping an eye out for the right boat for me and my family.

Thanks again,

Jeff A. From Evansville, IN
OCT 15
Lauri-All is well. Sonny was very professional and went over everything. I just hope our boat sells quickly. He had a showing yesterday. I would be interested in his feedback.

Jim & Grace C. From Atlanta, GA
OCT 15
Everything is fine ... however the RV is still on the market ...the quicker we can get it sold the more impressive and remarkable your company will be !!! ??

Douglas D. From Scottsdale, AZ
OCT 15
He has been great!

Brandon L. From Nashua, NH
OCT 15
She did a fine job.

Mary B. From Milford, MI
OCT 15
Hello, yes John has been very helpful and informative on updates about my boat.
Thank you

Ben D. From Morristown, NJ
OCT 15
Dubby Harris is doing an excellent job.

David D. From Mandeville, LA
OCT 14
Everything is going well, thanks

Justin L. From Tampa, FL
OCT 14
A1 service, Prompt, and went beyond the call.

D. L.
OCT 14
Hi Lauri,
Patricia is taking good care of us, so no complaints there. I guess it's just not the right time to sell a boat. I'm sure in spring it will be different.

Wiebke W. From Myrtle Beach, SC
OCT 14

Hi Lauri,Capt Debbie has been wonderful--so far no questions regarding POP. Thanks for checking in.

Kade C. From Cedar City, UT
OCT 14
Hi Lauri thank you for the follow up.Yes John has been great very reachable and informative No complaints at all Thx again

Tim S. From Myrtle Beach, SC
OCT 14
Yes he has been great! Thanks

Jeff B. From Monroe, LA
OCT 14

Everything is good.

Thank you.

Rick W. From Henderson, NV
OCT 14
The business model seems fine and I purchased the Bayliner through POPyachts. Trying to sell now with you. Hoping for a sale prior to season-end.

Alexander Z. From Newport News, VA
OCT 14
Hello L!Yes, R, is taking care of me in finding a date in which we can meet in Indiana to look at an RV.thanks!

Beth A. From Cincinnati, OH
OCT 14
Craig Riggs has been great! I couldn't be happier with your company.

Jim M. From Orlando, FL
OCT 13
Thank you for the great customer service...I'm very interested in purchasing a yacht....and y'all are showing me exactly what I'm looking for...I'll be in touch

Guy M. From Houston, TX
OCT 13
Mark was great!! I am the problem. I just bought a lake house and not sure what kind of boat to buy. I really liked him and he was non pressure and very attentive

Karl C. From Kansas City, MO
OCT 13
Melissa has been wonderful. I was so impressed with her knowledge and not a typical salesperson. Very honest very down to earth. Makes me feel so relieved that we are in good hands. Not one doubt

Judith A K. From Wilmington, NC
OCT 13
Everyrhinghas been great. Just waiting for a sale!

Glenn E. From New Iberia, LA
OCT 13
Lauri,Stephen was great did a awesome job thanks

Terry H. From Everett, WA
OCT 13
Paul has been good..and very willing to get the ball rolling to help us sell our boat.
Now we just need to find a buyer.

Joe G. From Clearwater, FL
OCT 13

Actually Sonny, has already amazed me with his reaching out to me..... he has even replied to my messages that were sent 7pm my time, 10pm his.... very effective and cooperative sales person with a great know base....

Hes a cheaper......

Rob T. From Concord, CA
OCT 13

Shannon was very nice and well organized. She took over a hundred photos and the posting on your site looks great. Now we just need to get it sold. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me

Laci W.
OCT 13
Hi! thanks for your message, Mark and PopRV is doing just fine with weekly alerts. I am assuming sales will slow during the winter months, so I look forward to 2020 when the season picks up again, thanks so much,

Robert M. From Warrensburg, MO
OCT 12
He's been great! Thank you

Virginia C.
OCT 12
Lisa has been great!! We look forward to continue working with here.

Sarah M. From Wesley Chapel, FL
OCT 12

Laurie To be totally honest I have no complaints. I feel more secure with you in my corner and just hope you have some success with selling this bus. Its is a very nice RV and we hate to let it go but due to health reasons we have no choice. From the beginning of this process I have felt very comfortable with your company. Lets hope it works.

Jackie and Allen V. From Las Vegas, NV
OCT 12
Doing the best he can with the boat!

Charles F. From Bronx, NY
OCT 12
Lauri,Thank you for contacting me. Everything's been great and Charles has been very helpful.
Thank you,

Brandon W.
OCT 12
Thanks for checking in!

Richard was great, this check-in is impressive!

So far so good!

Bill & Marilyn O. From Austin, TX
OCT 12
Hey Lauri,
Yes. So far so good. Everything has been great and speedy. We are still searching and are liking a lot of your listings

Justin F. From Orillia, ON
OCT 12
Hi, Lauri,
I'm very happy so far. I like your reports; and, Paul & I are in regular communication. Hopefully, we can get my RV sold soon.
Thanks for following up.

Pat K.
OCT 12

The transaction was extremely easy. They did a great job keeping me informed. Great job.
San Antonio, TX Posted 2.1 yrs ago on   View on website .

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