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People POP Yachts

We take customer service very seriously around here. If you think that's just some line we use on our website, give us a try. Start down the process of becoming a customer and decide for yourself if you think our commitment to great service runs as deep as we say it does.

Of course we make mistakes too. It's hard to be perfect, especially when you're selling more than 1,000 times per year. Unlike many other companies, we own up to our mistakes, make things right and grow from the experience. We can proudly say that we will maintain that commitment no matter how large we get - and we will never be done "growing".

Below is a sampling of the most recent feedback results. Feedback is posted in real-time and is often shown from surveys conducted today!

Waves of
Eric....thank you for selling the Commander! Needless to say I am a strong advocate of PopYachts in the boating community here in West Michigan. If you need a reference... I would be glad to.....Phil

Phil H.
FEB 25
Yes, Cris has been great.

Dan S. From Chula Vista, CA
FEB 24
This is James B and yes Gary is doing a awesome job. I had gave him some feed back far as pictures could be better online. But all in all so far it's been a good deal.

James B. From Uvalde, TX
FEB 24
Andrew is working hard to sell my boat. He just sent me a notification that states he is working with someone right now that is interested in buying my boat. I am still waiting on him and a price.

Robert D. From Bay City, MI
FEB 24

Hi Jenny. Eric is working hard to find my next boat. Very painless process this far!Thanks

Tyson S.
FEB 24
How are You Yes Cory has been Great.Just need to sell my Boat!!!Thanks for mailing me Have a good day

Patrick L. From Lafayette, LA
FEB 24
Everything is good so far. I am trying to make arrangements to see the boat.Thanks

Michael O. From Ottawa, Canada
FEB 24

Hi Jenny,

Tom has been great to work with, my boss thought it might be best if I put my purchase on hold until I get a few things that we have been working first but
I assure you once I'm ready to buy Tom will be the first person I contact to get it done, not as sure about how POP Yachts works but if you have the boat I want I'm sure it will work out. (I'll watch your video)

Thank you,

Mark S. From Pontiac, MI
FEB 24
He is keeping me very well informed, I only wish my insurance claim was not being so dragged out. He is a service to your company

Rick H.
FEB 24
Yes! He is great and continues to look for the boat we are searching out!
Thank you!

Angela S. From Wilmington, NC
FEB 24
Very good, no pressure just facts & benign followup - not pushy. William seems a true pro.

Barry B.
FEB 23

Experience was good

Roger L. From Newnan, GA
FEB 23
So far so good, we are getting some activity now so I think I'd like to keep it as is for now

Brian B.
FEB 23

Lauren been great, very helpful. She found a boat I really like but I really wanted to find a dealer who can trade in with my old boat. Unless if I can sell it first then I'd go and buy the one she showed me.

Abe J. From Riverside, CA
FEB 23
Hello Jenny, King Campbell has been very helpful. He has made alternative options available since I wasn't quite satisfied with my original inquiry. Thank you for the follow up.

Alan T. From Ottawa, Canada
FEB 23
Hello Jenny Yes customer service is great

Linda M. From Cambridge, MA
FEB 23
We are currently discussing the purchase of this boat. Everything has been excellent so far

Clint H.
FEB 23
So far- so good. Mr.Shelley's follow-up and communication has been perfect.

John D.
FEB 23
She's been very helpful, thanks!

Tyne P. From Nashville, TN
FEB 23
Don has been very responsive. No issues here

Craig S.
FEB 23
I am meeting him for the first time this Saturday to look at a boat. So far response is excellent

Tom L. From Staten Island, NY
FEB 23

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for the follow up. Thats great service.
Roman has been great. He has replied to me in a very prompt manner and answered most of my questions. We haven't been about to do a deal but that's ok. He tried.
Thanks again for touching base.

Rod C. From Menomonee Falls, WI
FEB 23
Hi Scott, Mike has been great so far. The issue is its winter up here where I live and the boat is in storage until hopefully end of march. The other is I have an offer I've accepted pending a sea trial and survey. Thanks for the email.

Matt S. From Watertown, NY
FEB 23
Eric has been in communication every week and is doing a great job.
Thank You

Scott N. From Indianapolis, IN
FEB 23
Roman has been a pleasure to work with. He responds to my inquiries at lightning speed. Even when I was sending him emails after 8 PM he would still respond shortly after, the same night. He also regularly sends me new listings he thinks I would like to look at. He's doing solid work.

Ariel F. From Miami, FL
FEB 23

Dear Jenny, Bill has been very helpful so far. Let's see if he can find the boat I want. Regard's

Warwick M.
FEB 23
Hi Jenny.... Sarah has been very helpful and proactive. It's only been a few days and she has sent me several very good lists of boats.I am enjoying working with her.Thanks.

Joseph (Joe) T. From Raleigh, NC
FEB 23
He's doing great.Thanks

Pedro T. From New York, NY
FEB 23
yes taking good care

Jay A. From Springfield, VA
FEB 23
Bob is doing a great job

Jeff F.
FEB 23

He has sent me a couple of boats to look at and had quick responses to my questions.

Will H. From Covington, KY
FEB 23
Jenny Kevin did a good job on my behalf Thank

Frank T.
FEB 22

Andy is a credit to your company. I have dealt
with many marine brokers and he is the most efficient and personable individual
I have met in that regard.

Al B. From Homer Glen, IL
FEB 22
Hi Jenny, Yes Eric is working hard for me. I appreciate your follow up

Mark S. From Elkhart, IN
FEB 22
i am very pleased with help doing a fine job

Richard M. From Silver Springs, FL
FEB 22
Yes he is doing a great job. He has answered all of my questions and is suppose to keep me updated. Thank you

Travis M. From Fort Wayne, IN
FEB 22
brian is doing just fine

Jack C. From Seaside, OR
FEB 22
Honestly I didn't expect much action during the winter but would expect more as Spring and Summer approach. Mark has kept me informed as to what is happening and I have no complaints! I think he is doing great.

Ralph C. From St Charles, IL
FEB 22
Scott: Mike is doing a good job. This boat has a very limited appeal, as I mentioned at the beginning.
Keep up the good work.

Mick G. From Buffalo, NY
FEB 22
He was very helpful and able to assist us with all of our questions. Thank you.

Heather G. From Atlanta, GA
FEB 22
So fat everything is good. Bernie has made contact and I am just waiting on a couple of answers to some questions.
I am a very interested buyer!

Robert M. From Kansas City, MO
FEB 22
Don has been very attentive above and beyond I plan completing offer sheet today and hopefully moving forward on purchase

Mike G. From Ladue, MO
FEB 22
Its all been good-just want to sell it!
Thanks for your help!

Demetria P. From Pittsburgh, PA
FEB 22
Scott, Capt. Rob has been most helpful. I am very pleased with the listing.

Van W. From New York, NY
FEB 22

Very helpful.

Robert S. From Willow City, TX
FEB 21
Hi Jenny,My husband spoke to Paul today and he was very helpful. Hoping we can get a deal together with him. Thanks

Kelly L. From Sarasota, FL
FEB 21
HelloI am actually waiting for a response from him in regards to a boat or two I am hoping to see this week. He has been great so far.Thank you

Natalie B. From Santa Cruz, CA
FEB 21
So far so good it's been very good so far

John K. From New Brunswick, NJ
FEB 21
they were kind and helpful especially Roman & Rusty my experience with your company it was a great one, loved the communication and honesty definitely will do business with you all, thank you very much

Hussein Ali H. From Ft. Pierce, Florida
FEB 21
He is doing an excellent job for just one week. Very professional with his work

Dot L. From Rutland, VT
FEB 21

Having a unique boat in Lubbock Texas limited my exposure to sell my 215 Triumph boat. Being able to get PopYachts to all their perspective buyers made it an easy choice when it came time to sell. Thanks Team PopYachts
Lubbock, TX Posted 5.2 days ago on   View on website .