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We take customer service very seriously around here. If you think that's just some line we use on our website, give us a try. Start down the process of becoming a customer and decide for yourself if you think our commitment to great service runs as deep as we say it does.

Of course we make mistakes too. It's hard to be perfect, especially when you're selling more than 1,000 times per year. Unlike many other companies, we own up to our mistakes, make things right and grow from the experience. We can proudly say that we will maintain that commitment no matter how large we get - and we will never be done "growing".

Below is a sampling of the most recent feedback results. Feedback is posted in real-time and is often shown from surveys conducted today!

Waves of
Hi Chris
I do appreciate your prompt service n attention you gave us in our period of shopping for the bird RV, we rate your service, 5 star excellent!
For now, if I ever get back on track again, I will contact you first.....I wish you the best in your ventures.....

Joe M. From Jamestown, NY
JUN 17
Victor and his work is superior and I appreciate all his great work on my behalf!

Robert K. From Milwaukee, WI
JUN 13
Thank you Charlie for all your help and so far, I am very satisfied with the help, professionalism and attention that I have received from you.

Diego C. From Big Pine Key, FL
JUN 12
Mark was excellent. He made this boat buying experience super easy.

Chris K. From O Fallon, IL
JUN 10
Thanks for your style of checking on would be customers, without being a pain in the #&$.It is much appreciated!

J T. From Redmond, WA
Steve has done a great job listing my RV. He is very polite and friendly and professional. He has sent me follow ups for corrections on the ad he made for me, which is great. He is doing a great job for me.

Gary T. From Chula Vista, CA
Steve has been wonderful, very professional,obviously Monitors his own accountability.

Walter & Betty M. From Medford, OR
Steve Ticconi has been a pleasure to deal with as a seller. He has been informative and is most knowledgeable. He has kept me up to date and all WEB views, picture updates and general interest in the boat.
Your Pop yachts system seems to be very well constructed proving very wide spread advertisement to sellers and easy access to buyers. Your programming and resulting sales expertise is superior in so many ways to the traditional methods for selling boats. I found Pop yachts when I was looking for a boat.
That buyer experience led me to use Pop yachts to sell my boat. Thanks for Steve's time and effort on my behalf.

Terry B. From San Jose, CA
Thanks Cory you guys did a great job! I will definitely recommend you guys. Tommy

Tommy B. From Jackson, MS
MAY 31
Victor has been excellent to work with and a nice fellow when we met in person to see the Liberty Bell.
Although I did not buy from POP, it was only because I found a 75' houseboat from a private seller. The unit with POP that I was looking at was determined to be too small.
I will without hesitation recommend Victor and POP to anyone who I learn is looking to buy or sell a boat.
Victor, thank you for the positive experience and I'm sorry it didn't work out this time.

Dale S.
MAY 29
Thank you for the big part you played in us being able to buy the Rustler 31.
Thanks for being so understanding and for making sure that we knew what needed to be done next. I never let myself believe that we were actually going to be able to purchase that boat for the money we offered.
It just seemed too good to be true. But you made it happen with some help from Rusty back in Florida.
So thank you for a 5 star effort. You really were the glue that held this deal together.

Thomas I. From Cottonwood, CA
MAY 27
Excellent thus far. We haven't closed the deal yet
Thank you,

Kevin R. From Rockford, IL
MAY 27
Hi Lauri
I am very pleased with Everett's performance. He seems to follow every leads appropriately.We have many responses but mostly they turn to be scams may be the real one will turn up

Rosa S. From Nashville, TN
MAY 27
Yes thanks. She has been great. We are all set. Just need to sell it. Thanks

Miles F. From Washington, DC
MAY 27
The response was timely. Thank you.

Mike S. From Mount Laurel, NJ
MAY 27
Hello.John is doing an excellent job so far. He keeps me in the loop on things and the information you are able to provide is very professional! Let's sell this boat!!
Thank you

Jeannie H. From Lansdale, PA
MAY 27
Thank you Lauri for your concern of my interest in your company! Mr. Lochte inquired about my interests and reason for visiting your site several times. I responded last week as to the reason and he emailed me back with a thank you for my prompt response. Mr. Lochte did a fine job of making sure that I was taken care of and offered assistance if required. If I am ever looking for a boat I will sure look up POP Yachts and will reference your company to anyone interested in purchasing a boat! Thanks again for your concern!

Randy C. From Pierre Part, LA
MAY 26
Just heard from him. He did what he said he was going to do and emailed me a few boats. That's a good start!
Best Regards,

Dana S. From Colorado
MAY 26
Paul has been helpful. Thanks

Doug H. From Acton, MA
MAY 26
Randy has been awesome! Responsive, supportive and attentive

Steve H. From Doylestown, PA
MAY 26
Yes, got all my answered so far. We'll be view the vessel next week

Dennis B. From Ontario, CA
MAY 26
So far so good. I had emailed her about a boat earlier this week, she sent me back some stuff and I told her what I'm looking for.

Dan K.
MAY 26
Yes ma'am, he's doing a great job!

Larkay J.
MAY 26
Yes, he is fantastic

C S.
MAY 25
Excellent care ! Thx

Jason R. From Barrington RI
MAY 25
Hello Lauri, thanks for reaching out, I am interested in going by next week and make an offer for the 1965 34' Chinook, in San Diego, if all goes well, it might be my new retirement home.

Orlando S. From Catalina Island, CA
MAY 25
Yes, he has been quite helpful in all inquiries.
Thank you for asking,

Mark H.
MAY 25
Both Reps did a good job.

Doug S. From Salem, OR
MAY 24
Great service thanks

Vincent A. From FL
MAY 24
Hi Laurie,
Andrew is doing great. He has responded quickly.

C O. From East Moline, IL
MAY 24
No issues. He got me an answer immediately

Brad M. From Cypress, TX
MAY 24
Good afternoon

Brad has been extremely helpful, answering right away with any question I have had.

Havent quite found a boat yet but we will with Brad's help..

Steven S. From Brooksville, FL
MAY 24
Thanks Lauri for your followup email. Louis has been patient and helpful with me. your site is a wonderful tool to narrow down exactly what we are looking for. very thorough pictures too.

Lenny K. From Ann Arbor, MI
MAY 24
We are very pleased with Graham's efforts to sell the boat.

Bill G. From San Francisco, CA
MAY 24
Thanks for your brilliant work and patience.

Daniel B.
MAY 24

Good Day Lauri...

Thank you for getting in touch!

I can only congratulate POP Yachts for the great web page and better response to inquiries... Loren has been very accurate
in responding to our questions and recommended other options as well....

We are just exploring the market for now, as we wait to close a deal and get the necessary cash to expand our operations
with another boat.

Thank you once again for your professionalism...

Kind R

Arturo V.
MAY 24
Hi Lauri,
Jim has been great in helping to sell our boat. The only area of improvement is to update the pictures. I need to clean the boat first, so they are actually waiting on me.
Thanks for checking in - again, Jim is doing an excellent job.

Darren S.
MAY 24
Jim has been great. He was early to our meeting and very informative as far as the buying process goes.

Jeffrey C. From Laporte, Texas
MAY 24
He is doing fine. Just waiting for the right buyer.

Rick R. From Charleston, SC
MAY 24
They are always following up with me which is great really appreciated

Gianfranco F. From Miami, FL
MAY 24
He has been wonderful, thanks!

Christopher S. From Daytona Beach, FL
MAY 24
Yes, Scott is doing a fine job. I am looking for a needle in the haystack type of boat, for a very particular application. Thank you for checking.

Ernie P. From Nashville, TN
MAY 24


Your organization is very proactive and keeps me in the loop . I appreciate the follow up!


Rod R. From Machipongo, VA
MAY 24

Yes, very professional service. Thanks.

Tony B. From Ottawa, Canada
MAY 23
Hello Lauri, Everything looks fine, Tim has been doing a great job keeping us informed with weekly reports. He has been to the boat.

Dave W. From Oneonta, NY
MAY 23
He's doing fine.

David R. From Lancaster, PA
MAY 23
All good, thanks

Skip S. From Mount Laurel, NJ
MAY 23
Brad is fine. Very responsive whenever i email him. I'm satisfied with my service.
Warm regards

Joel D. From Tampa, FL
MAY 23
Michael is doing great Keeps me updated weekly

Jeff L. From Newport News, VA
MAY 23
She has been great and very helpful. Thank you

Katherine L. From South Lake Tahoe, CA
MAY 22

The transaction was extremely easy. They did a great job keeping me informed. Great job.
San Antonio, TX Posted 1.8 yrs ago on   View on website .

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