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We take customer service very seriously around here. If you think that's just some line we use on our website, give us a try. Start down the process of becoming a customer and decide for yourself if you think our commitment to great service runs as deep as we say it does.

Of course we make mistakes too. It's hard to be perfect, especially when you're selling more than 1,000 times per year. Unlike many other companies, we own up to our mistakes, make things right and grow from the experience. We can proudly say that we will maintain that commitment no matter how large we get - and we will never be done "growing".

Below is a sampling of the most recent feedback results. Feedback is posted in real-time and is often shown from surveys conducted today!

Waves of
Bradley Vincent will be the reason I purchase from you guys....looking forward to the future.

Patrick C. From Corpus Christi, TX
4.5 hrs ago
Gary had been great to work with. Very responsive and is actively looking for boats for me.

Tony T. From Long Beach, CA
12.1 hrs ago
Robin rocks!! She was extremely patient with my wife and I from beginning to end. We were extremely grateful for her and the rest of the staff we had an opportunity to work with during this process.

Johnny W. From Cleveland, OH
12.2 hrs ago
Lauren was outstanding! She does a great job!

Jeff L. From Arlington, Tn
14.1 hrs ago
Awesome to work with! Answers all his calls and emails!

Daniel P. From Los Angeles
15.4 hrs ago
Great contact person and quick to get back to me when we started the purchase process!

Daniel P. From Los Angeles
15.5 hrs ago
He set us up in an email with new RVs for sale like what we are looking at.

Nancy O. From Arlington, TX
15.6 hrs ago
He's very good to keep me updated. Always checks up on us ! Very personable !

Vicky L. From Hattiesburg, MS
16.8 hrs ago
Having retired from a customer related industry, I feel qualified enough to readily recognize a valuable employee, Shane Head.
Extremely responsive to all our questions, follow-ups along with pictures.
Thank you for hiring Shane.
Richard Curry

Richard C.
17.3 hrs ago
You guys have a gem with this lady, she is beyond patient and has so much knowledge. I LOVED how she followed up with each part of the process as well as double checking each step so no one would be inconvenienced. She most definitely went ABOVE and BEYOND with this sale.

Charlton K. From Perry, FL
18.8 hrs ago
Tonya was Fantastic, extremely informative and helped me understand and kept me up to date with each step of the process. This whole team made it almost effortless.

Charlton K. From Perry, FL
18.9 hrs ago
Aaron was fantastic to work with, very professional and kept me up to date each step.

Charlton K. From Perry, FL
18.9 hrs ago
the follow-up to my case has been magnificent and very good attention so far

Jose H. From North Miami, FL
19 hrs ago
So far Ileana has been great. I had concerns up to now about being able to locate and purchase a boat on my own but I now feel confident having Ileana on my side. Looking forward to working with her.

Stephen M.
19.5 hrs ago
John's been very responsive and I look forward to hopefully buying a boat from him.

Deb S. From Overland Park, KS
19.5 hrs ago
Prompt responses - quick action - sold in less than 2 weeks!

Steve M. From Monroe, MI
20.3 hrs ago
I believe I had already sent this off to you. But if not, let me say that Donald is professional and personable. He covered all aspects and he and I worked together well. So far so good. Now, let's get my rig sold!

Steve G. From Baltimore, MD
20.8 hrs ago
Thanks for getting back to me.
Much appreciated!

John E. From Revelstoke, BC
21.6 hrs ago
Very responsive and informative. Class organization

John K. From Far Rockaway, NY
21.7 hrs ago
Harley was a huge help and took care of all the paper work for us. She was a pleasure to work with and always there for any questions or help we needed.

Cathrine D. From Mechanicsville, VA
21.8 hrs ago
Wayne has been terrific. He keeps me up to date on everything. He'll be taking new photos of the RV as soon as it's out of the shop being painted and ready to be seen by potential buyers.

Nicholas P.
21.8 hrs ago
Nice lady. Keeps me up-to-date on everything.

Teresa T. From Dunkirk, IN
21.9 hrs ago
Todd has been great so far -- very responsive and helpful.

Jay D. From Madison, IN
22.6 hrs ago
He takes the time to answer questions, to understand what I am looking for, and then offering suggestions that might interest me.

Lee E. From Ventura, CA
JAN 14
Told him what I was looking for an come up with a couple good ones, just a little to far away

Wilbert L. From Beulah, MI
JAN 14
We are still working on the deal, but so far John as been great!

Erik D. From Wildwood, NJ
JAN 14
Eric kept me informed and worked through the sale and transfer of ownership. Good job!

Steve H. From Atlanta, GA
JAN 14
She went above and beyond helping with the funds transfer. Problems arose on my end and she worked right through them. Thank you!

Steve H. From Atlanta, GA
JAN 14
He got right back to me and seems very nice ??

Sandy M. From Mount Laurel, NJ
JAN 14
Wonderful - Taking care of the closing which involved A spouse who lost her husband. She was on top of every issue and answer the phone immediately and made this so easy.

Karron M. From Richmond, VA
JAN 14
He was wonderful. He was flexible and shared ideas and didn't give up. My father suddenly passed away and the boat had a lot of emotional value. He handled everything wonderfully. A .

Karron M. From Richmond, VA
JAN 14
Great Communicator! Kept me informed

Karron M. From Richmond, VA
JAN 14
Always kept me informed and asked good questions

Karron M. From Richmond, VA
JAN 14
Louis is sending me over some available boats for me to look at and I appreciate that.

August D.
JAN 14
Prompt responses to call & emails.

Deb G.
JAN 14
Brian has been super responsive, professional, and helpful!

Sheena K. From Babylon, NY
JAN 14
She is very prompt in getting in touch with us, I'm just not real prompt on returning her letters. It's cold and I just don't want to get out to look at them a lot of times.

Dee H. From Ladue, MO
JAN 14
quick to respond, a pleasure to work with.

Daniel P. From Miami, FL
JAN 14
very responsible, made this closing very pleasant.

Daniel P. From Miami, FL
JAN 14
Awesome job, quick, friendly and professional!

Phil & Chris D. From Houston, TX
JAN 14
Richard has been very thoughtful and thorough in every aspect. I am very pleased!??

Linda and Glenn R. From Houston, TX
JAN 14
King was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Lari A.
JAN 14
Absolutely the best transaction I've ever participated in. Even though we listed the boat at the worst time of the year our boat sold quickly and Dave took the burden of selling it off our hands. Highly recommend Dave and the whole PoP Yachts family to anyone looking to purchase/sell a boat. Can't thank you enough for your service!

Charlene W. From Arden, NC
JAN 14
Easy to work with. Sent me timely information and spelled out what was needed and when for a quick smooth closing

Charlene W. From Arden, NC
JAN 14
so far so good. no decisions as yet

Sheila G.
JAN 14
Fast replies to my questons and comments!

Lee E. From Tampa, FL
JAN 14
We tried working with the seller, but the seller would not not cooperate.

Eugene W. From Arlington, TX
JAN 14
Todd is doing great with keeping me informed on all the information he gets. Just not getting much interest in my camper.

Michael S.
JAN 14
This was a great experience at every step. Thank you so much!!!

Charlene W. From Arden, NC
JAN 14
Harley was extremely helpful in the closing of the sale of our RV. She was friendly, helpful and available to answer any questions we had during the closing process.

James and Bobbie E. From Georgetown, TX
JAN 14

The transaction was extremely easy. They did a great job keeping me informed. Great job.
San Antonio, TX Posted 3.4 yrs ago on   View on website .