Selling your boat takes time and patience. I listed my boat with POP Yachts and was hesitant initially. The boat was not an easy sell and it took time but the site delivered as promised. The team is professional and most important is the way that POP Yachts covers you on the contractual and money side of things during the sale and transfer process. I highly recommend their service.
Burbank, CA Posted 4.4 yrs ago on   View on website .

I had concerns about the escrow deposit and they accommodated greatly by allowing my to use a cashier check. They were all very professional.
Columbia, SC Posted 4.4 yrs ago on   View on website .

POP Yachts took the time to review and list my boat. Thank you for getting this one sold!
Grand Prairie, TX Posted 4.7 yrs ago on   View on website .

Great experience. Haste free closing
Myrtle Beach, SC Posted 5.3 yrs ago on   View on website .

Wow, Pop Yachts is the best. I was a little worried at first because this was the first boat I purchased and purchasing it off the internet could be challenging. But after talking to William (Sales Rep.), all my concerns were addressed and taken care of. William located the perfect boat for me and then we proceeded in closing the deal. After we settled on a purchase price with the seller, (final price way lower than I expected and lower than the market value of the boat) I was passed onto Lauren who is the closing specialist. She walked me through the deposit and final funds transfer and sent all the closing documents to me with absolutely zero hassles or issues. I am very impress with how smooth their process is and how fast we were able to get the deal done and closed. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Olympic Valley, CA Posted 6.1 yrs ago on   View on website .
2001 DONZI 33 ZX

I worked with Greg Stanton and Tricia Thompson on the purchase of my Donzi 33 ZX, they were both excellent to work with and made the process very simple. Thank you Greg, Tricia and the rest of the POP Yachts team!
Chicago, IL Posted 6.3 yrs ago on   View on website .

We've finally got our dreamboat ( 35 Donzi ZF ) and couldn't be happier with the attention and support from Pop yacht . Our broker Paul Herman as well as our closing agent Jessica Smith really went above and beyond to take care of us, and help us out in all of our doubts and questions. I think I called them like 100 times... Lol. This has been our first time buying a boat through a broker and honestly everything came up fantastic.The security that all paperwork is 100% legal and that there is no irregularities gives you an unmatched peace of mind. Unfortunately we've all heard bad stories when buying on the street...... I can say that I would definitely recommend buying trough Pop Yachts to anyone. Thank you very much guys.
Miami, FL Posted 6.4 yrs ago on   View on website .

Pop Yacht sold my boat a month after listing it. All of the paperwork was handled quickly and professionally. Thank you to all involved.
Belton, SC Posted 7.6 yrs ago on   View on website .

Hello, and to whom it may concern. I recently purchased a 29 ft. Donzi with the help of Pop Yachts. The process began a little hindered, because I made several calls to Pop Yachts and got little response or was told I'll call you back and it did not happen. Finally, I got Greg Stanton to start to help, but he turned out to be to busy and passed me along to a manager named Lawrence,(sorry I don't recall his last name as I was only dealing with him a short time). Lawrence helped me as best he could and then put me in touch with Capt. Jason, the sales rep in the area the boat was located. Thanks Lawrence, that was the right call. Capt. Jason was on it from that point. He was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. He got the answers the my questions, obtained the receipts to verify that things stated in the ad for vessel were true, and even met with me on a Sat. (I'm sure not what he had planned for his weekend), to view and test the boat. Due to certain circumstances it was a rush deal. He made the on site portion of the sale a smooth experience. Now, for our BRIGHTEST STAR at Pop Yachts. Micki Baker, my closing coordinator, was fantastic. A real pro, she knows and does her job to the last detail. The first sale fell thru, ( a whole other story I won't go into, other than the seller acted like a real ass, (pardon the language), and I walked away from the deal after spending $500.00 on a survey), no real fault of Pop Yachts. But guys, (Pop Yachts) you may want to screen your sellers a bit more stringently, and definitely verify that the info posted on the ad is true, ($500.00 is still $500.00 ya know). But I digress. Miss Micki handled the details from the first sale debacle, and got funds switched to the second without a hitch, and in an extremely short time frame. The seller was leaving town for an extended period, and the deal was guaranteed to fall thru if not for her expertise, diligence and quick action. And, on top of everything else, she did so when she was scheduled for a vacation, (much deserved I am certain), the next day. Nothing against the other closers in the co., but I doubt anyone else could have pulled it off, and done it so smoothly. Especially seeing as she had me to deal with. My computer skills are marginal at best, just an old dinosaur, right Micki. She walked me through the whole process with care and understanding like you would lead a child with a pocket full of change through a candy store. She let me know exactly what was needed, what I had to do, and bring to the table. And, handled searching and acquiring the title and other paperwork, and transferring the funds like it was a Sun. stroll. I could fill 10 pages praising this girl, and still not due her justice. You better keep a tight grip on this woman Pop Yachts, cause if I thought I could steal her away for my company, there would be a moving truck at her door yesterday. In conclusion, my overall experience with Pop Yachts was very good. But Capt. Jason and Micki Baker made it exceptional! I would definitely use them again. Thanks for reading, Mike Szoke
South Carolina Posted 7.6 yrs ago on   View on website .

I can't thank the team at POP Yachts enough for making the [bittersweet] sale of our boat a very pleasant and smooth process... especially Kris Chowbay for being so very attentive and professional. Kudos to Kris! I highly recommend PY, especially if your're looking for a speedy sale! All the best in 2015!
Linthicum Heights, MD Posted 7.9 yrs ago on   View on website .

We could keep going but...