I would like to thank Pop Yachts for assisting me in finding my dream boat! Specifically Kenneth Burkemper, Phil Crowson, and Lauren Angelillo! This company and its team of dedicated professionals not only helped me find my boat, but were there for me almost 24/7 to field my questions and lay my concerns to rest, as well as streamlining the entire purchase process. I had never used Pop Yachts previously, but they have earned my complete trust! I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a vessel!
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My wife and I both have spent the last 18 months in the buyers market looking for that perfect vessel.. The first 14 months were spent working as a private buyer in the market. Day-after-day, calls to sellers, calls to selling brokers etc....defined our many evenings together. We made trips all over the state looking for that perfect boat with two kids in tow. About the third time doing that, we both decided to stop the insanity and take up golf. So, I visit a Dr. friend of mine for a check up, and mention the frustrations we had been experiencing shopping the used boat market. He mentions a "Buyers Agent" from Pop Yachts that helped him buy his boat, which is beautiful by the way. That evening I reached out to Sunny Handa (his contact at Pop's), had a detailed discussion and the search was back on. From that point forward they handled all correspondence, negotiations and scheduling. Something that was previously nightmarish into something pleasurable. When I say that finding a company/broker that "looks out for the buyer" is essential, I can not stress this simple fact enough. Sunny saved us on more than one occasion from buying the wrong boat. He asked the tough questions and the questions you would never think to ask. He saved us from the wrong boat 4 times. We actually found a boat that was beautiful but had a propulsion system that was not properly maintained. He also saved us from buying a boat that had damaged stringers. When we found the right boat together, he absolutely delivered a masterful negotiation on price and got us under contract in short order. I do not typically leave reviews, as I find it harder and harder to trust a company anymore, but when it came to Pop Yachts and their expertise at finding the right boat for us all the while protecting the buyer, I felt it was necessary to share the experience. Good companies like this are hard to find.
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