This is a fantastic way to sell a boat. You might consider it to be expensive but you will likely net more money trusting the sale to Pop Yachts. They know boat values and help you avoid losing money. It worked that way for me. Tons of help and info all through the transaction.
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Purchased a Fountain 23FX from POP, and the transaction could not have gone better. The boat is wonderful, exactly as warranted if not nicer. My salesman Grant and all in their admin dept were organized and delivered everything on schedule. My son had to drive 18hrs to Florida for the test run and to trailer the boat home, and the entire team at POP was fully prepared and punctual. We could not be happier; it was easily the best boat transaction we've experienced.
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Excellent support. POP Yachts will put you in the right boat, so you can catch and keep. Thanks for your help Cory!
Port Saint Lucie, FL Posted 2.2 yrs ago on   View on website .

From the moment I spoke to Mike Murphy to the closing on my boat with Rusty Kline my experience with pop Yatchs was an AAAA+++ experience. Mike spoke with me the first time and explained everything in detail and made me feel like we were friends and not just a business deal. I also met with randy the sellers agent who treated me like a friend and helped me with any concerns I had. The entire process was smooth and I would recommend Pop Yatchs to anyone looking to buy a boat and not have to deal with pushy salesmen. Thank you again Pop Yatchs for a great experience and making my dream of owning a speed boat a reality.
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Rusty was a pleasure to work with and very informative in the process. He answered all my questions and made the purchase of my boat hassle free.
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Was a pleasure to work with. He was very informative and took his time to explain the process to me.
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For years I've loved Fountain boats , timeless design, beauty and superior performance , finally over the past several months I've found myself in the position to finally consider actually purchasing one of my own. After researching hundreds of boats online I finally found one I thought may be affordable but more importantly a well kept one owner fresh water unit that may need a little but not much work , with over two hundred pictures as well as very detailed descriptions of the boat I moved forward with the team from Pop Yachts and recently closed on my 2005 29 Fever and couldn't be happier. So thanks to the team at Pop for their professionalism and courteous service helping me to purchase my Fountain. Thanks so much you all were awesome
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While hooking the trailer up with my sales person (Cpt. Mike Shipman) we discovered it had a different trailer connector than what I had so he followed me to the nearest possible source. While turning the triple axle trailer in the parking lot the wheel bearing and hub broke. He went into action right away and found us the nearest place to get repairs done. Followed us there and went to get the part so that my family would not be stranded away from home another night. He even went another step which was way above and beyond his call of duty and paid our bill for the repair. I would definitely HIGHLY recommend Mike to anyone looking for a boat. Thank you Capt. Mike
Gainesville, GA Posted 6.4 yrs ago on   View on website .

This was the first time working with a broker to purchase a boat. I received excellent professional service. I always promptly received a return call or email. I recommend anyone to use POP for their boat buying needs.
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