Going Away Party for Nisha Barlow

Updated 6:05 PM ET, Thu May 10, 2012
Going Away Party for Nisha Barlow
We all took our turns politely and wished Nisha a solemn fairwell in our own words...

NOT! We had a party, and of course the typical things happened:

1.) Paul Heins mixed up some of his famous Pauly-ritas.

2.) We ALL ate too much 7-layer dip.

3.) Even Harley ate too much 7-layer dip!

4.) A fight with some local fishermen who snagged a baby dolphin on their line almost broke out.

5.) And of course, there are a few pictures...

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So, how much are we going to have to pay to get the pictures back?

Jay B. from Bradenton, FL, posted on MAY 21
Nice! Save the dolphin!

Fanny M. from Key Largo, FL, posted on MAY 10
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