This is the first time I have purchased through Pop Yachts. I would use them again. The whole process seemed to flow pretty good. Seemed like the best way to communicate with the closing staff is E mail. Mabie I didn't research thoroughly enough but I was surprised when the buyer also was charged $495 closing cost. Now that I know what the cost are up front, I will know to take that into consideration on my offer. All the paper work I received to take to DMV was in excellent order and very professional.
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Work with John Smithson for several months and we shared a lot of boat searching and I valued his input and honesty. Once I purchased the boat I worked directly with Mark & Mel which both walked me through the entire transfer. I personally met Mark at the boat purchase location and he guided and patiently worked with me to assure complete customer satisfaction. The day of transport erupted a snow storm causing delays. Mark stayed throughout the entire experience and helped with the boat loading. My personal view of POP YACHTS is I'm grateful for the professional service that was provided to me throughout the entire process. Thanks You Pop Yachts you are a A+ Organization!
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We could keep going but...