I had a very unusual boat that I wanted to sell, a 4000 pound 22 foot home built gaff rigged sailboat. I had figured that no one would be interested in such a boat, and especially being in the Seattle area. But, Pop Yachts was able to get me a number of interested people and eventually one who lived fairly close to me and who was looking for just what I had to sell. From that point on everything went very smoothly. Mike contacted me regularly and Brett was on top of every step of the process. If anything, I was causing them a little difficulty in that both the purchaser and I were unfamiliar with what was necessary. However, through their guidance it all went very smoothly, and I couldn't be happier.
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Worked with Scott Barger for over 19 months looking for the right boat. He was very helpful and patient with us. Scott was very diligent even when I felt lost. Well we found our dream boat finally and the purchasing process was very smooth going. Great seller and Popyaght staff closer Nancy Beck were great to work with. I highly recommend anyone looking for a boat to call Scott or Pop Yachts first. Thanks everyone. BK from NH.
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