Pop Yachts worked to make the boat sale quick and effortless. What an amazing team - contacted by each specialist to ensure a smooth sale. They didn't waste my time with buyers who were not serious. My sales rep Phil was always prompt to respond to all of my questions. He was there to take photos and present when prospective buyer arrived to inspect the boat. Lauren coordinated all the backend paperwork and transfers. I was so surprised how efficient the team was, they have the process down to a science. Thanks Pop Yachts team: Todd, Phil, Lauren, Rusty, Tracy and Lauri.
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Pop Yachts' Victor Romandine was an excellent broker! I had time to review the boat and talk with the owner. I am a newbie boater and boat buyer and Victor made the process very easy. Throughout our discussions and review of the boat POP Yachts would refund my entire amount if I was not satisfied. However, the boat was showroom quality and in pristine condition. I am very happy with the boat and the help Victor gave me. In addition after the sale was complete I had questions about the title paperwork and he patiently helped me understand the process. Many Thanks to Victor and POP Yachts! Mike
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Purchasing through a broker is not something I normally do, but the staff at Pop yachts handled everything perfectly. The few calls I did make were answered in a timely manner, and my questions answered. I would seek out Pop yachts help for additional purchases requiring a broker.
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Great communication.
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I highly recommend Pop Yachts. Pop Yachts staff of agents will help you sell your boat. I appreciate the work and professional help of Jeff Chester especially. Sign up and sell your boat.
Victoria, TX Posted 4.7 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

Great experience with the team from Pop Yachts. Extremely happy with the boat and I would definitely use Pop Yachts again if I were planning to buy again.
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Our family had been considering our 1st boat purchase for quite some time. After deciding to pull the trigger, we contacted Lawrence Cairney - a family friend to get started. Lawrence provided several great options and then passed us on to Jay Woolf. We set our eyes on a vessel that was a few hours south of us. We were not sure how this would work out but everything went smoothly with the help of Mary Fluharty who was the seller's representative. The surveyor identified a few issues that needed repair and Mary was very attentive to the needs of the seller while looking out for us so that we were satisfied. Finally, Diana Blanchette was great at coordinating the survey / sea trial / closing. I had some confusion with my local DMV when I attempted to transfer the title and register the boat. I contacted Jay who responded promptly and guided me through the process. Thanks to the Pop Yachts Team for providing a seamless boat buying experience!
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I worked with POP Yachts recently to purchase my first boat. The experience was fantastic. I worked with Harry Aston who was very helpful. Harry was very knowledgeable, responsive, and got the deal done. The closing process was incredibly smooth. Overall, a great experience and I recommend POP Yachts without hesitation. I can't wait to get on the water this summer with my family on our new boat.
Kansas City, MO Posted 7.1 yrs ago on Google Local   View on website .

I had my boat listed locally for 5 to 6 months on Craigs List without any real success. Most of the prospective customers turned out to be "tire kickers". I was disappointed to say the least. Then I was contacted by Pop Yachts. My sales person, Mary F., explained who Pop Yachts was and what they could do to help me reach more prospective customers, not just on a local level, but on a world wide level. I agreed because at that point my success was minimal to say the least and had nothing to loose. They had a photographer out at the boats location within 7 days and the pictures taken and published as well as the description of the boat far surpassed anything that I possibly could have displayed or posted for my vessel. My sales person Mary F. kept in constant communication with me via e-mails and phone calls and explained every step that Pop Yachts was taking to help me sell my boat. Pop Yachts would send me reports weekly on how many views our ad received, both registered viewers and people that were just browsing. When we had a potential buyer that wanted to proceed with the next step, not just viewing the boat but wanted to water test the vessel, my sales person set it all up. They screened the prospective client, and requested a down payment to insure that they were not just a "tire kicker". The day of the water trial and the boat inspection, my sales person showed up and participated. This was impressive and gave me the feeling that Pop Yachts was not just into it for their commission, but actually cared about their client. The team that reviewed/inspected my vessel was thorough to say the least. After the water trial and inspection, the perspective buyers wanted to move forward with the purchase so Pop Yachts set the entire closing process up. It was flawless from inception to completion. I reside in Florida and the new boat owner resides in Michigan. There was no possible way that I could have found the time to screen anyone, manage my listing, or perform the closing without any assistance. The entire process and communication from the start to the finish was flawless and I would highly recommend Pop Yachts to anyone that is thinking of selling a vessel or has one currently for sale and has not reached the level of success that I wrote about in the above statement. I am now in the process of purchasing a new larger boat and I will be using Pop Yachts and my original sales person Mary to help me complete this next endeavor.
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It wasn't five minutes after I placed an inquiry with POP Yachts that I received a phone call from their representative. From that point on the boat buying experience was handled by all of their people in a very friendly and helpful manner. Their procedures are systematic and concise. They even took care of boat registration, which could have been somewhat difficult since I live in a different state. I can't say enough about the pleasant experience!!!
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