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Know Your Broker

Who is your broker? What policies do they stand by? Do they even have policies? These are a few questions you want answered when trusting someone to sell your boat.

Since 2009, has been answering these important questions. More specifically, POP Yachts policies have been on for all to see.

And we stand by them.

Scott McNally - Employing Broker
Scott McNally
Employing Broker
Policy on





Open Agreements
not offered


# Days notice
to cancel


Length of

Our policy is the same for everyone. Upon completion of a sale, we receive 10% of the purchase price as commission. Sellers are free to cancel any time for any reason. Don't you just love transparency?

Policy on

# Days Until
available for


Commission split
purchase price
< $100,000


Commission split
purchase price
>= $100,000

Every single one of our 3249 listings is available for co-brokerage and has been since the first day it was available. Our commission splits are industry standard and we're not afraid to stand behind them. That's something you can take to the bank. is a brokerage verification service

Who are you? works as a brokerage verification service. Brokers apply by providing details about who they are and how long they've been in business. Once the verification process is complete, VB will confirm to the world the basic details about your business. VB believes that we, as an industry, should regulate ourselves into proper business operation and a standard code of ethics.

What are your policies?

One of the fundamental tenets of Verified Brokerage is its ability to display to the world the policies a brokerage operates under. While these policies can and do sometimes change, the modification date on each policy would be updated to reflect the change in business practice.

What is the benefit of signing up?

Customers want to work with a broker who is transparent about their business operation. The most important benefit to teaming up with VB is showing your customers that you care about their concerns. You are encouraged to use the seal on your website, proving to customers that you are proud of your policies and you aren't afraid for the world to see. Best of all, membership is completely free. is a brokerage verification service

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