International Market Stays Busy for POP Yachts

Updated 4:45 PM ET, Sat February 7, 2015
International Market Stays Busy for POP Yachts
Even with a fluctuating market and a cooler season upon us, a look at the completed and pending sales board at the POP Yachts home office in Sarasota, FL, shows that sales to international destinations are still hot.

How? POP Yachts' sales executives stationed all around the U.S. work tirelessly with sellers in their local regions to produce engaging listings with hundreds of photos and thorough videos that are spread throughout our many data feeds. These data feeds allow national and international buyers to browse POP Yachts' more than 6,300 listings at their leisure. That worldwide exposure offers buyers so many more eyeballs on their listings than any local classified advertisement could ever hope to do.

Additionally, we recently reduced our international closing fee from $499 to $389 as further enticement for our overseas clients. That amounts to real savings and shows our commitment toward the international market.

Taking a peek at just the past few weeks in December shows 33 pending and closed sales to countries in all six continents around the world. Here's a list of the areas that are receiving vessels thanks to POP Yachts' sales efforts:

Glasgow, Scotland
Republic of Mauritius
Auckland, New Zealand
Sofia, Bulgaria
Merida, Mexico
Freeport, Bahamas
Perth, Australia
Kingdom of Tonga
Mal, Maldives
Willemstad Netherlands Antilles
Malibu, Canada
Sydney, Australia
Gothenburg, Sweden
Adelaide, Australia
Santiago, Chile
Trinidad & Tobago, Spain
South Korea
Vancouver, Canada
Christ Church NZ Guernsey
Saint Lucia
New Caledonia
Southampton, UK
Freeport, Bahamas
Libreville, Gabon
Road Town, BVI
Toronto, Canada
Beirut, Lebanon
Victoria, Seychelles

Over the years, we've noticed that some of our most enthusiastic buyers have come from overseas, and we've made great connections with those buyers as well as international broker partners. If you have a boat to sell, don't limit your potential buyers to just those who live near you. By listing your boat with POP Yachts, you never know who might buy your boat - or in what part of the world.

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