I must report that the prompt service and attention to detail in listing, advertising and sale of my boat could not have been better. Your employees were all polite and efficient, and once the boat was sold, I felt bad that I would not be communicating with them anymore, but did keep Rico's phone number anyway! Thanks for your great service. Tom Anderson
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My experience with Pop Yachts started off relatively smoothly. The broker responded to my request quickly, and I was eventually put in touch directly with the seller. We travelled a great distance to look at and ride in the boat we were interested in. In the meantime, the broker had forwarded us a packet of materials detailing the purchasing process, and the various steps involved. Little did we know Pop Yachts had a rude surprise in store. We loved the boat (and found the seller to be a great person with a real love for the boat), and negotiated a purchase price. We then contacted Pop Yachts to initiate the purchase. Imagine our surprise when we found a $389 "closing fee" inserted into the purchase agreement. This was NEVER mentioned up until this point. Once a buyer reaches this point, one has to decide whether they will suffer the indignity of this undisclosed fee, or to cancel the deal. A very unfair business practice IMO. When I emailed the customer service representative about my concerns, I was ignored. I then logged a complaint on the company website, which was also ignored. After repeated calls I was met with an unconcerned response, as if (shockingly) they had heard this complaint many times over. If I didn't like it, I could just cancel the deal. After finding the perfect boat, they have you between a rock and a hard place. I found this extremely aggravating. The balance of the transaction went relatively smooth, although it took them over a week to send me the legal documents (you'd think with a hefty fee that is supposed to cover documents, couriers etc they could overnight them, but they went UPS Ground). I have not yet tried to register the boat/trailer, I'm hoping everything is in order. The undisclosed fee left a very bad feeling with us, and the company made little effort to apologize, I'm guessing this is standard practice. Being up front about a fee such as this is just an honest business practice, and they will never get my business or recommendation in the future. A shame really, but apparently that extra revenue they receive is worth the ill will that it generates.
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