Our boat was not the easiest boat to sell, but they kept at it and finally did it. Always professional. We use Pop Yachts again.
Poughkeepsie, NY Posted 1.2 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

The buying experience through POP Yachts was good. Having never bought a boat or car through a broker, it took a little time to understand the process. Some of the information initially sent regarding the POP Yachts buying process was not as informative as needed. The POP Yachts website does not easily lead a prospective buyer to the buying process information. Just keep scrolling down and you'll find more complete information. The boat bought was local, but the seller lived out of state. In the COVID era, a sale without POP Yachts may not have even been possible. The boat purchased was not a common type to the area. Once the boat was found and we were committed to acquiring it, the POP Yachts purchasing process made sense and went smoothly. If the boat was far away, POP Yachts offers hauling guidance, which could be helpful. The local rep/broker was always available and willing to help wherever possible. The Closing Associate was also responsive and helpful where needed. The documents completing the sale were sent overnight and were all in order. It took seven days from the deposit was wired to closing the sale.
Winston Salem, NC Posted 1.7 yrs ago on TrustPilot.com   View on website .

Wonderful Everyone did a great job, Roger W. spent a huge amount of time on this sale (thanks) Thanks again Michelle&Bryan
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Our experience with Pop Yachts was very good. They kept us informed thought the entire process. We received a list of all the hits we had on the boat and they were from all over the world. When the boat sold there financial staff walked us through everything and developed the bill of sale and any other required documents. It was a much better experience that we have had in the past with local brokers. You do not miss anything because it is mostly all done online. I have already recommended them to my boating friends who are looking to buy or are selling their boat.
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We could keep going but...