More exposure = quicker sale

When you decide to sell your boat with Pop Yachts, your boat immediately goes into our marketing machine. And it truly is a machine, built on years of research and many tens of thousands of dollars.

What does that mean for you? Simply put, your boat will be seen by more people, in more places, all around the world. All the advantages that come with advertising on 160+ websites are yours by choosing to sell your boat with Pop Yachts.

Oh, and did we mention there are ZERO listing fees?

Leading the way
in our industry

We have the industry's most sophisticated software to help find you that buyer. We enter your boat into the POP system and the advertisement automatically feeds across the world to more than 160+ boating and yachting sites. It should come as no surprise that we export 7.2% of what we sell outside the U.S. We have the largest Internet marketing reach of any brokerage business in the world, and we advertise in very specific markets with local boat marketing websites. We are particularly strong in Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Australia.

We choose not to share the complete list of where we advertise boat for sale. Rest assured we advertise at the biggest websites, including,, Facebook, and The rest of the list is one of our biggest secrets at Pop Yachts. Most of our own employees don't even know our
entire list of advertising outlets. Why?

The list of where we choose to advertise (and just as important, where we choose NOT to advertise any more) is the culmination of years of research - literally YEARS and many tens of thousands of dollars. Providing this list to anyone means that it could and would inevitably make its way into the hands of some of our competitors. This would be an invaluable advantage for these competitors but also an unfair statement to those places we choose not to advertise with. Perhaps there were reasons beyond simply results that we no longer advertise with so-and-so. By them being excluded from our list, should it go public, would be an instant black mark on their record and that's a statement which we are not prepared to make publicly to all other boat dealerships.

Global Exposure

At no cost to you, we build and post your advertisement on 160+ websites. We do this by using automated "data feeds" to all of these websites. That means we can do this in < 24 hours.

No Upfront Fees

We're so confident we can sell your boat, we don't charge anything for our listing services. If we can't sell your boat, or you sell it on your own first, we don't charge a dime.

Increased Views

Advertising on all these websites means a lot of additional exposure for your boat. If there is a buyer out there looking for a boat like yours, we WILL get their attention.

A Few of
the Big Fish
Your boat will be advertised on at no cost to you
Your boat will be advertised on at no cost to you
Your boat will be advertised on at no cost to you

While we'd love nothing more than to brag about all of the places we advertise, we're not the bragging type. Your boat will be advertised on the websites above, plus over 160 others. A few of the other places include:,, and

Everyone involved with the sale of my boat was very detailed and thorough. Everything was handled very professionally. It was never difficult for me to get in touch with someone, and everyone was willing to help me in any way they could. I will use pop again in the future.
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