Meet the Staff: Q&A: Brad Butcher

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Updated 1:00 AM ET, Wed January 16, 2013
Meet the Staff: Q&A: Brad Butcher
Brad Butcher

Regional Sales Executive

Region: Southeast Michigan

Resides: St. Clair Shores, MI

Time with POP Yachts: 7 months

Q. So you've been with POP Yachts since June. How's it going so far?
Incredibly well. I love it. I got out of the gate pretty quickly. I caught on to the system real quick.

Q. How are boat sales up in Michigan?
I've actually only sold two boats up here – everything else has been out of state.

Q. Which of those deals was the most unusual?
The second boat I sold – a 1990 Cruisers 4285 Motoryacht. This guy from Oklahoma calls up one day and says, “I'm interested in this boat, if they take [my offer], I'll wire the cash tomorrow.” It was $20,000 less than what they wanted, but I asked anyway. We called in the offer, they said yes and it closed the next day. It was that quick.

Q. Wow. Where was the buyer located?
He was in the panhandle of Florida, but he started up in Oklahoma. He never saw the boat – he didn't want to test it – he bought it sight-unseen. He was going to by more boats, too, so I have a feeling we'll hear him back again in the spring.

Q. Have you always been around boats?
I grew up in Minnesota – the land of 10,000 lakes. So after school, we went fishing. I've been a fresh-water guy, not a salt-water guy. When we moved over here, I purchased a small speed boat and haven't gotten out of it since.

Q. What are the challenges of working remotely, since the POP Yachts' headquarters are down in Florida, and you're in Michigan?
Everybody is so responsive to everything you need, it's almost like you're not working remotely. Rarely in a company are you able to call an owner and he'll answer the phone and answer your question like they do here. But they don't micromanage. They let you do your job, get the deals and keep doing what you're doing.

Q. What sets POP Yachts apart from its competition?
The software is second to none. The teamwork that we have with POP Yachts, it actually boggles the other brokers' minds with how efficient our teams are.

Q. So what do you like to do when you're not selling boats?
My boys (9- and 11-years-old) are avid baseball players. One plays baseball all year round and the other plays baseball in the spring and basketball in the winter. So I'm tied up with helping to coach their teams and with their training.

Q. What do you like about boat sales?
I like doing my job and pairing people with boats. I don't look at it like "sales" at all. I just guide them and help them make the right choice.

Q. How can a salesperson be more successful?
Make friends first. You've got to be approachable and friendly. The first thing buyers are used to are pushy brokers. They look at you like a used car sales guy. If you start selling everything right away, you're going to hit a brick wall. Asking what they're going to use the boat for, what kind of fish do you fish for… little things that show interest. They feel more comfortable with you and have trust in you.

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Brad: I am presently out of the boat buying market.

Thank you, Joe Izso

Joseph L., posted on JUL 3

You and Bernie have been killin it lately!

Fanny M. from Key Largo, FL, posted on JAN 16
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