Meet the Staff: Q&A: Darby Sue Zufall

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Updated 12:06 PM ET, Wed March 12, 2014
Meet the Staff: Q&A: Darby Sue Zufall
Darby Sue Zufall

Licensed Vessel Marketing Manager

Resides: Sarasota, FL

Started with POP Yachts: June 2012

Q. How did you get involved with POP Yachts?
My boyfriend Nathan Hawk started working at POP Yachts two years ago. He got moved down to Sarasota to work in the central office, and I moved down here with him. He said there's a listing department, you should see what it's all about. I met with the manager and got hired on a spot.

Q. So what was your position?
I started as a lister working in the office, then they let us start working from home doing the listings. I got promoted to a vessel marketing manager and I have a team of four working with me all girls. We represent the girl power, and I work with them to help make them the best that they can be.

Q. How does the listing department fit in the bigger picture of POP Yachts?
I definitely believe that the listings department is key in this company. I feel that we are the wheels of the company and without us the car is just going to sit there, it's not going to go anywhere. If we didn't bring the boats into the company, there wouldn't be any boats for the company to sell. Keeping up with our numbers and pushing to list more and get the name, POP Yachts, out there. I see us as the Walmart greeters. We're the first people that people see of POP Yachts. We have to be friendly and welcoming and honest with them. We show excitement for what we do to get sellers excited about it. And not only do they list their boats with us, they go and tell their friends to list their boats with us, and it's just a rippling effect.

Q. How does someone list a boat with POP Yachts?
Every time we get a lead, we reach out to them and send them over our marketing agreement. All they have to do is accept that, send over proof of ownership and that's when it goes out to the sales associate, and that's when the sales associate can schedule an appointment to take pictures and all of that.

Q. What are the benefits of listing with POP Yachts?
A huge benefit is the exposure. We put it on 160 sites. It's no cost to them it's kind of a no-brainer. I always tell people: Why wouldn't you want us to help you? So many boats sell simply because of the exposure we give them. People think that when they use a local online ad if they don't sell it there, then they're not going to sell it. That's completely not the case. They're reaching maybe 100 people, and we're going to reach out to 100 million people. Of course we're going to get your boat sold.

Q. How many people do you reach out to in a day or a week?
Every lister has a lead cap. As you learn and grow, your number will grow. I probably reach out to 200 people every day, that's through email or calling. As a company, we have about 5,000 listings. That's amazing and those numbers speak for themselves.

Q. Did you ever think you'd be working in the boating industry?
[laughs] No. I met Nathan when we were both serving at Joe's Crab Shack in Orlando. A year and a half ago, I got my real estate license in Florida, but I just never found the right company that I liked and would let me grow.

Q. Are you into boating yourself?
I really love being out on the water. We own a Jet Ski and we're looking to buy a boat. I'm originally from Pennsylvania, so there wasn't really a lot of boating where I'm from. When I moved down to Florida, I realized how big boating is down here. I didn't realize how big the boating industry is, overall.

Q. So what do you enjoy about your position at POP Yachts?
I enjoy meeting all these people. I talk to people in California, in Washington and in New York with all the snow and people down here in Florida. I get to hear all their stories and help them. A lot of people you talk to, they're selling their boat because they can't afford it. I had a stay-at-home mom whose husband had lost his job, and we were able to help her at no cost to her. I love helping people like that.

Q. Your enthusiasm is great. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
Don't ever tell a young blonde girl she can't do something, because she'll prove you wrong every time!

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Inspiring interview!!! who ever said a woman can't sell a boat? Darby proves all the misconceptions wrong, and she has all the boys running for their money! Rock on Darby!

Angela D. from Bowling Green, KY, (currently a Boot Camper)

Staff M. from Saint Augustine, FL, posted on MAR 15
Great interview Darby.....Your energy and work ethic is not only exemplary but contagious! You Rock Girl!

Staff M. from Saint Augustine, FL, posted on MAR 12
Go Darby! You are awesome!

Staff M. from Saint Augustine, FL, posted on MAR 12
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