Meet the Staff: Q&A: Kevin Stigall

By and Kevin Stigall
Updated 4:21 PM ET, Wed June 27, 2012
Meet the Staff: Q&A: Kevin Stigall
Kevin Stigall

Licensed Regional Sales Manager

Resides: Placerville, Calif.

Years with POP Yachts: More than two

Family: Married with a baby on the way

Q. When did you first realized you loved boats?
It started during my childhood summers in Lake Tahoe, and later as a navigator in the U.S. Navy. We spent time doing counter drug ops all throughout the Caribbean. We'd do six months out at sea so I've been to the Mediterranean, the European countries, through the Red Sea, Egypt, Persian Gulf, Bahrain, Dubai, Cairo to the Middle East and back.

Q. How did you get into selling boats?
I started selling four years ago. After college, I got a job with NBC, in local TV. Then I went to CBS radio, and transferred out to the Tampa market. I had to wear a suit and tie in July in Florida, and I got tired of that pretty quickly. So I turned in the suit and tie for some shorts and flip-flops and started working for a brokerage company in St. Petersburg. I wanted to move up to a bigger operation, so I decided to go to work with POP Yachts, and I've never looked back.

Q. Is there a sale you're most proud of?
I sold a 2005 Sunseeker 66 Manhattan that was located in France, and ended up going to Hong Kong. It was a $1.1 million deal at the end of last year.

Q. What makes POP Yachts' strategy different?
Our ethical approach is far superior within the industry, which obviously is a big deal. And we have our own proprietary software that was built from the bottom up that puts us on a plateau well above our competition.

Q. From a manager's perspective, what does it take to be a successful salesperson in this industry?
You've gotta be in with both feet and give 110 percent. You have to have good inter-personal communication skills because we have buyers in all parts of the world. You need to be tech savvy not necessarily knowing how to write code, but getting your way around the computer and typing fast. Plus, having knowledge of and passion for the marine industry and being excited about what you do. People who do all of those things seem to make a lot of money.

Q. What do you love most about your job?
I love the business. It doesn't seem like a job. It's just what I do. And I like the people I work with.

Q. When you're not working, how do you like to spend your time?
We like to spend a lot of time at our little mountain cabin. I golf when I can and I like to go camping or drive the coast and hang out at the beach.

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I'm surprised he didn't mention his affinity for dolphins!

Todd D. from United States, posted on JUL 17
Kevin is the most awesome boss in the world!!!!!

He's always got your back and makes sure you know he's proud of you! He won't however, change his mind about our team name.... ;(

Fanny M. from Key Largo, FL, posted on JUN 27
It is great to know who your dealing with. Nice article

Dennis L. from Rochester, MA, posted on JUN 27
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