New Sponsorship: Colby Pearson

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Updated 1:10 PM ET, Sun February 9, 2014
New Sponsorship: Colby Pearson
POP Yachts is always on the lookout for new talented fishermen, whom we can partner with. The benefits of sponsorship to the fisherman are plenty but most notably include recognition, which the great sport of fishing is sorely lacking for its top producers.

POP Yachts has partnered with Colby Pearson, AKA Colby Bassmaster, because we recognize Colby as a passionate and talented young man. More than that, Colby takes advantage of cutting-edge technology, and has a strong penchant for educating fishermen, young and old, about new fishing tactics.

Colby's YouTube Channel:

Where to find Colby in the future:
We hope to see Colby participating and placing in major sport fishing tournaments in the near future!

Colby's Facebook:

Here are some of his videos:
Bass Fishing: Utilizing Mapping Resources in the Off-season
"Spy-Bait" Fishing Overview and Technique
"Braid-leader" Knot Compilation

We wish Colby all the success he can dream of in 2014...this young man is on our radar at POP and he certainly should be on yours!

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Thanks for your comments Pamela! I know Colby appreciates seeing what you have written. We are seeing some of these same attributes from Colby that mention. We are SO proud to count him as a new part of our family at POP!

Staff M. from Sarasota, FL, posted on FEB 12
No one can be more critical than a perfectionist Grandmother. This young man has been a joy and blessing throughout life. He is caring, compassionate, inspiring and a true sportsman. He inspires both young and old alike with his fresh approach to life and appreciation and respect of nature. He inspires confidence in others and shares his passion and education confidently and enthusiastically. Any company, group or organization is benefited by Colby's association. He has a bright and exciting future ahead having won the the respect of novice and Pro Fishermen, worldwide. His passion is fueled by years of personal experience, hours of devotion and that is the formula for lifelong success.

Pamela P. from Pleasant Hill, OR, posted on FEB 9
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