Now, a Free History Report with Every POP Yachts Listing

By and Nick Owens
Updated 1:30 AM ET, Wed June 20, 2012
Now, a Free History Report with Every POP Yachts Listing
When you buy a boat, how do you know what it's been through?

The exterior looks like it's in mint condition, but how can you tell if she's ever been under water or run aground, had fiberglass or fire damage, or if she's ever been seized?

In the past, unless you make an offer and pay for a survey, you've simply had to rely on the owner's word when it came to the condition of the boat. But as of this month, POP Yacht's ground-breaking partnership with now provides you with a detailed history on the boat from an independent source - a $34.95 value for free with all of POP Yacht's listings.

By tracking the hull number of a boat, compiles a report with any accidents, hurricane damage, auctions, salvage or other significant trauma a boat has endured that will affect its value. While the boating industry is not yet as thorough as the car industry with its vehicle reporting (as with a service like CarFax), it's come a long way toward instilling buyer confidence. And more repair shops and insurance companies are coming on board and reporting vessel history all the time.

Because is an independent reporting agency, we at POP Yachts feel confident in providing reports - positive or negative - that will give the information you need to make an informed purchase.

POP Yachts developed this unique partnership with to bring this service to every potential buyer that can be accessed directly from our website. Simply sign up for a free Boarding Pass, and you'll have access to reports - as well as up to 100 or more photos for each vessel and other vital details about any boat you're interested in.

You won't find other brokerage companies openly offering this straightforward information, but we believe you have the right to all the available information on a vessel before you invest in it. Browse our listings and check out the reports today.

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Confidence is key!

Fanny M. from Key Largo, FL, posted on JUN 20
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