POP Launches West Coast Fishing Team

By and Katie Hendrick
Updated 12:17 PM ET, Wed October 23, 2013
POP Launches West Coast Fishing Team
Three thousand miles from POP Yachts' headquarters, two Californian anglers are casting the company name throughout the Golden State.

Meet Travis Walker and Danny Yarbrough. The El Dorado-based duo spends about every other weekend, six months out of the year, on the water, competing in a tournament under the POP Yachts banner. We caught one of them, Walker, during one of his days on dry land to learn how Team POP's been doing.

Q: What type of tournaments do you enter?
A: We fish for trout, salmon and striper. Right now, we're in striper season.

Q: How big are the tournaments?
A: Competitions range from 50 to 250 boats.

Q: How long have you been fishing together?
A: Since we were about three years old. We both learned to fish with our dads. When we were old enough to drive, we'd sometimes ditch school to go fish.

Q: What tournament are you most itching to win?
A: Honestly, each one's equally important to us. We do have our sights on branching out to tournaments as far away as Idaho though.

Q: What's been your top finish as Team POP Yachts?
A: We took third place at a Koknee power tournament in April.

Q: What was one of the most memorable tournaments?
A: We fished for trout in a tournament on Lake Isabella in May. It was tough. There was a lot of wind and structures (tree stumps and rocks) to deal with, and it had one of the biggest fields of competitors. That was a different kind of fishing adventure, very fun.

Q: What's your favorite place to fish?
A: Tiny streams. That's what we grew up fishing with our dads.

Q: Your best catch?
A: A 120-lb. yellow fin tuna in Kona, Hawaii. It's definitely my biggest and my favorite. It's in the process of being mounted.

Q: How'd you get involved with POP Yachts?
A: My brother-in-law, Kevin Stigall, is a salesperson. He approached us about a possible sponsorship.

Q: Think it's a good match?
A: Fishing and boating go hand in hand. We learned, at a very early age, we'd get a lot farther in this sport if we could get on the water in a boat.

Q: So what's your vessel?
A: A 19-foot jet craft aluminum riverboat.

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