Seamless Transaction! Highly Recommend.
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My experience with POP YACHTS was incredible! I rarely leave reviews but when I do it's because I've had unbelievable customer service or unbelievably bad customer service. Cory & Justine were on point every step of the way and communicated thoroughly and often. In the end the boat just wasn't what it seemed, so the purchase didn't take place, but I have had such great customer service that I felt like I was letting them down. I would definitely recommend working with those two for anyone interested in finding a boat.
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Had a great experience with Pop Yachts. Chris Provancha was my rep and he helped me negotiate a great deal on my Ranger Z 21 Comanche. Courtney Davis made the closing real easy and trouble free.i would recommend anybody thinking about buying or selling a boat to let Pop Yachts handle the details .
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Great job. People were first rate to work with. Friendly and helpful. Had a problem getting the title and registration. But they kept me in the loop. I would go to Pop Yachts in a heartbeat. Thank you for a great buying experience.
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I found Pop Yachts to be very professional and honest in all aspects of selling my boat with them. Tom McCarty is an excellent, knowledgeable sales rep and Rusty Kline handled all the details of the sales process with no issues. Great team to work with and I would highly recommend Pop Yachts to anyone looking to sell or buy a watercraft!
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Simply top notch
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was the easiest transaction I have ever had,Mark was amazing thank you so much. Diana made the closing fast and easy Thank you
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Thanks everyone. I never would have bought a boat from a private person that distance away without POP Yachts. You made things very easy and I felt that I didn't have to worry about getting ripped off. It was well worth the small added expense. I would do it again in a heartbeat! And would recommend anyone else to give it a try. Special thanks to Johnny and Lorena!
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POP did a nice job of handling the sale of my boat. The whole process was easy and hassle free. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to both buy or sale a boat.
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The back and forth with the buyer was trying at times, the process was lengthy. Overall experience was positive , staff was good to work with and helpful.
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We could keep going but...