Great once the guy paid.
Oklahoma City, OK Posted 5.4 mos ago on   View on website .

We found ate experience to a very good one. Our broker was more than will to be all the help he could nothing was to much trouble and this was a long haul to the finish line, Our point man after we agreed on a price was very helpful and both men were always polite if and when we do this again we will love them up for their expert help and guidance
Sinking Springs PA Posted 8.9 mos ago on   View on website .

Helpful, honest and very accommodating people to deal with. Purchase went off without any issues and I would definitely recommend POP Yachts to all my friends.
Fort Mcmurray, Canada Posted 1 yr ago on   View on website .

The customer service was great; the time to respond to questions was fast; the whole team was very sensitive to the customer specific requests.
Hobbs, NM Posted 1.2 yrs ago on   View on website .

The team at POP was incredible. Michael was a great salesman to work with and once the deal was done and the paperwork begun, Tricia Thompson the Closing Coordinator was on top of it every step of the way. The boat is currently covered in snow, but we look forward to enjoying it for many years to come. Thanks again, S. Smith
Aspen, CO Posted 1.3 yrs ago on   View on website .

To David Perkins and POP Team, Thank you so very much for reaching out to me during this process of selling my boat. I appreciate the specific and personal overture and all the efforts that are being made and have been made by your extremely skilled team. The whole POP Yachts process is not challenged by distance and neither is your team. I have felt confident as if they were active and present even here at Lake Norman, NC representing myself and my boat. Effectively, there has not been a break in communication nor have I felt that the process is lacking in efficiency or clarity. Your team has walked my wife and I perfectly through the process of listing, selling and closing. Pretty amazing! My listing price was honored and my boat was sold quickly, very quickly! I am very happy to have found your services and would highly recommend the professional service of POP Yachts to anyone. Once again, thank you for your impeccable service. If there was "six" stars to give...without any hesitation I would give six! Very Best to The POP Yachts Team! John G.
Charlotte, NC Posted 2.7 yrs ago on   View on website .

As a semi-novice boat buyer, I was delighted with the process that POP Yachts employs. I researched many boats and talked with several Sellers/Brokers. Brian was by far the best - outstanding communication - timely and transparent. Could not have been more responsive. The process they employ is great - thoroughly walks you through step by step with no risk until appropriate. Zero pressure. After the deal was consummated, Tricia stepped in and was equally responsive and a delight to work with. With Title in hand and Boat in water (that's the best part!), I received a note from their CEO. Great organization from top down! Thank you POP Yachts! "Joy Full" is going out for sunset cruise tonight...
Atlanta, GA Posted 2.7 yrs ago on   View on website .

POP Yachts made the process of selling my boat seamless. Communication was always timely and clear, everyone is very professional and friendly. My broker, Lou Brust, did an outstanding job or representing my needs and assisting with honest feedback as we moved through the negotiations. And in the end, the final closing was very quick and all the paperwork was in order. I can recommend POP Yachts to anyone looking to buy or sell.
Manhasset, NY Posted 2.9 yrs ago on   View on website .

Excellent experience
Pensacola, FL Posted 3 yrs ago on Google Local   View on website .

Overall, this was a positive experience. After listing my Regal for several months on private sites, I decided to go with POP yachts. Their market access is excellent and Mike was very optimistic that the boat would sell quickly. This was a comforting feeling. The boat did sell within my timeline and received a lot of interest and multiple offers. They are also unique in that you can continue to pursue a private sale despite the contract you have with them. This is a sign of their marketing confidence. They were also very knowledgable about the proper pricing of the boat, which guaranteed a fair price, despite their cut. From a communication standpoint, they were very responsive, and they have a good model of each person focusing on a certain part of the process. For example, Faye handled the closing which was clearly her expertise. There are also other experts inside the company that they tap into for clarification on any topic. The only negatives would be the share of the sale they take. I don't like to share :) However, this is consistent with any broker so not a surprise. Also, in my opinion, the buyer gets too long to inspect and make a final decision on the boat. In fact, our first buyer backed out. Thankfully, another offer was received within a week. It's just frustrating because you really can't actively continue to sell while waiting on the buyer to make their final decision. Lastly, and this was a small annoyance. I was asked to mail in an original document after I mailed in the first set of originals. I asked for another prepaid postage label to save me the trouble of going to post office, but was told they could only provide that once. When you are talking about large deals like this, it seems petty to not provide the prepaid label again to simplify the process. Overall, I strongly recommend this company. They will take most of the hassle out of the selling and the paperwork. Their market access is great which drums up a lot of interest.
Tonawanda, NY Posted 3.1 yrs ago on   View on website .

We could keep going but...

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