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We take customer service very seriously around here. If you think that's just some line we use on our website, give us a try. Start down the process of becoming a customer and decide for yourself if you think our commitment to great service runs as deep as we say it does.

Of course we make mistakes too. It's hard to be perfect, especially when you're selling more than 1,000 times per year. Unlike many other companies, we own up to our mistakes, make things right and grow from the experience. We can proudly say that we will maintain that commitment no matter how large we get - and we will never be done "growing".

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I think all the folks working for Pop Yachts did a good job in making my purchase possible, and I really want to make sure they get credit even to the point of me registering the boat. The only suggestion I have is for any one considering purchasing a boat on the internet take the time to REALLY look the boat over. I trusted people to tell the whole truth and that isn't always a good thing. I would use Pop Yachts for a purchase or a sale.
Sebastian, FL Posted 2.2 wks ago on   View on website .

When I finally had all of the questions and pictures ready the listing and sale was completed in less than a week. Guess there was a buyer out there that my boat fit his needs. Deposit and payment move along better than most deals i have been involved in. Great service and the Reps kept me updated as the sale progressed. Could not be happier.
Millersburg, OH Posted 2.8 wks ago on   View on website .

POP yachts did just what the said they would do!! And did it all with great service, follow up, and personal attention. Thanks POP
Port Saint Joe, FL Posted 2.8 wks ago on   View on website .

My experience with your yacht Broker Mary Fluharty was by far the best service I have experienced. Customer service was at its finest and extremely detailed leaving the client with nothing to worry about. Mary is a gem for Pop Yachts and I would definitely do business with you again.
Los Angeles, CA Posted 2.9 wks ago on   View on website .

was the easiest transaction I have ever had,Mark was amazing thank you so much. Diana made the closing fast and easy Thank you
Newalla, OK Posted 3 wks ago on   View on website .

Last year when we sold our Mortor home we encountered so many scams it was nerve racking. When we decided to sell our boat we decided to give Pop Yachts a try. We didn't have to put up with scams. Diana handled our closing and was so informant she informed us on each step and the complete process. It took a little longer to finalize everything but was well worth it. I feel Pop Yachts protects both the buyer and the seller and most of all NO SCAMS. Thanks Pop Yachts.
United States Posted 3 wks ago on   View on website .

Everything was JUST as described to me. Mike my local contact was super to work with and very knowledgeable about the boats and the process.
Laurel, MS Posted 3 wks ago on   View on website .

The team worked hard to sell my unique sailboat, returned calls promptly, and was able to help with the vetting process that takes so much time and effort. I had offered it for sale through other brokerages but had no luck. Thanks to Scott Wild for making it happen. Tyone Raymond sail racer, "Age of Russia"
Seattle, WA Posted 3.9 wks ago on   View on website .

This is the 3rd transaction with your company through King Campbell and we would never use anyone else again my wife and I feel like King is not only a sales rep but he makes us feel safe and trusting but most importantly family and what more can you ask for.I also wanted to say your staff that handles all the paperwork was very professional as well and rate them 5 star as well. Sincerely Jacque & Tony Marinucci
Phoenix, AZ Posted 4 wks ago on   View on website .

King Campbell was the broker and he went above and beyond to close the sale. Tricia, in your Florida office, was on top of everything, making the closing very easy.
Wickenburg, AZ Posted 1.4 mos ago on   View on website .

We could keep going but...