Sales Cooling Down in March? We're Hotter Than Ever!

Updated 10:03 AM ET, Sat April 12, 2014
Sales Cooling Down in March? We're Hotter Than Ever!
This numbers game is starting to get silly.

According to articles in Trade Only Today, boat sales in January dropped 5% compared to last January. In February, they dropped 7% from last year's numbers. And now this leading industry magazine has reported that in March, sales are down 8% from 2,642 vessels sold by U.S. brokerages to 2,439 sold in March 2014. The article (see the entire story here) hinted that cold weather could be to blame. Is that right? Well, POP Yachts sales continue to be hot, hot, hot.

So while everyone else is feeling a bit of a chill at the closing table, letís take a little trip through POP Yachtsí March sales for the past three years:

March 2012: 21 units
March 2013: 81 units
March 2014: 144 units

Hold up. So the entire industry is down and POP Yachts is up 585% for the month of March since 2012?

Plus, we've already sold 379 vessels in the first 100 days of 2014. At this rate, thatís putting us on track to sell about 1,800 boats this year alone. Letís face it. Our 182-member crew, which closes about 6% of all brokerage sales in the entire industry, is simply en fuego.

In our January industry update article, we shared how our marketing, research and data work seamlessly to give POP Yachts the edge, and we explained how we continue to beat our Key Performance Indicators year over year. In the February update, we further explained our boat-selling process and unique approach to getting the job done.

Those points are convincing enough to explain why POP Yachts continues to annihilate the rest of the industryís numbers. But let us also give you a taste of what our actual customers are saying about us, in their own words, in un-edited client feedback:

ē "Iím glad that POP yachts found me & that Loren was our salesperson. We had the boat listed with numerous sites for >6 months & POP was able to sell our boat in <1 month." - Mitchell C., Anaheim, CA

ē "As someone who is also involved with customer service to some degree and who can appreciate outstanding customer service I can tell you that Jim Grady has been attentive & responsive and trying to match me with a vessel that may suit our needs." - Rodolfo N., Miami, FL

ē "Jennifer Moore made buying a boat in Minnesota from the UAE absolute Heaven. From issues with negotiating several boats, to obtaining accurate information and overseeing negotiations to closing to overseas shipping to problems with documents after shipping, I cannot say enough things about the job she did for me." - Yassir Z., Middle East

Our focus on getting your listing in front of countless potential buyers around the world, and our paid-on-performance agreement, in which we don't get paid unless your boat sells and we (POP) are the one who sells it, are our proven success factors that our clients continue to gush over. Want more proof? Just look at our numbers compared to the industry as a whole. You canít argue with those results.

Want to chat more? Give us a call at 941-275-0111 or drop us a line here.

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