Save on Posting Fees!

Updated 3:39 PM ET, Wed March 28, 2012
Save on Posting Fees!
One of the major advantages of utilizing the services of a broker to sell your yacht or boat is that we buy our advertising services in bulk. Buying at wholesale rates, we receive major discounts from websites such as and, sometimes receiving as much as 90% off! We have to list thousands of boats for those prices.

To your immediate right, I have included a quick spreadsheet we put together which shows the minimum posting fees at several of the most popular boating websites.

If you total up just these websites, you would be looking at $402 to post your advertisement - and sometimes only for a few weeks. Additionally, several of these popular websites allow dealer/broker listings only, such as

We at POP Yachts will post your boat for sale on every one of these websites, plus about 140 more. While the list you see would be pretty good exposure, it doesn't represent many websites in the International market, such as websites that are frequented by buyers from China, Australia, Russia, and South America. Over the last year, more than 60% of the boats we sold were sold to international buyers. Advertising in the global market is a MUST if you're looking to get your boat sold quickly.

Selling your boat with POP Yachts, is easy, painless and best of all, free! We pay all the money upfront to build your advertisement, list it for sale on more than 160 websites, take the calls, negotiate with buyers and ultimately get your boat sold.

A few quick questions and answers:

1.) How much do you charge to list a boat for sale?

Zero. There is no charge to list your boat for sale.

2.) How does POP get paid?

We receive a commission on a sale, if we bring you the buyer who ultimately buys your boat.

3.) What if I sell on my own?

We get nothing.

4.) Can I advertise my boat for sale on my own?

Of course! While we would love to sell everyone of the boats we list, it wouldn't be fair for us to receive a commission on a sale that we did not create! If you sell your boat to a buyer who finds your advertisement but not ours, nothing is owed! Zero.

We firmly believe in being Paid on Performance. If we don't perform, we should not get paid.

5.) Can I list my boat with another broker/dealer also?

No. It may seem that listing your boat for sale with multiple companies makes sense; it does not work out that way. Unfortunately, buyers run for the hills when they see the same boat listed by more than one company. It appears like a scam, especially to international buyers who are likely going to buy sight unseen and are already leery about buying a boat overseas.

We used to permit this and it ultimately caused more problems for everyone, especially our sellers. When the buyer got scared and walked away because he found the same boat advertised by another company, and we explained this to the seller, most sellers exclaimed "Why didn't you tell me not to!". For this reason, we do not permit advertising by any other company of the boats we have for sale. You can of course, still advertise on your own if you like. It's highly unlikely that a buyer will find your single advertisement in a sea of advertisements. And we would never ask someone not to do this.

We are on pace to sell more than 500 boats this year, so we must be pretty good at all this!

Contact a Listing Representative

Or call us directly at (941) 894-3215.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: We don't release the entire list of websites we advertise to anyone - even our own staff members. This list is the result of several years of research and sometimes tens of thousands of wasted dollars figuring out which websites work and which ones don't. It is one of the most confidential and proprietary pieces of information we have. I know you want to see it and we are extremely proud of it, but it would be a blueprint for our competitors on how to compete against us were it to ever fall into the wrong hands.

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Great information, Nick. I think this posting should find a permanent place in our About POP Yachts section. Just knowing about these posting fees could be the deciding factor for any fence sitters; then followed up by answering the most commonly asked questions. Sold me, where do I sign?

Christina Angus
Internet Marketing Specialist

Robert D. from Bradenton, FL, posted on APR 1
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