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At POP Yachts, we are driven to provide you the best service in the industry. Why? Because we only get paid a commission when we bring a buyer to you.

You read correctly. We believe we don't deserve a dime unless our hard work turns into dollars in your pocket. We are so confident that our industry leading services that we don't even charge a posting fee.

When you choose to sell your vessel through POP Yachts, you have nothing to lose — but everything to gain.

POP Yachts Means
Paid on Performance

At POP Yachts, what we offer to sellers is very straight-forward. Simply put: We market your boat around the world. Because we are Paid On Performance, we believe that if we bring a buyer to you, we deserve to be paid. If we don't, why should we earn anything?

Marketing Machine

We are truly a machine. From taking 100+ photos before listing your vessel to marketing your vessel on 160+ websites, we are built to sell your boat quickly.

No Upfront Fees

We're so confident we can sell your boat, we don't charge anything for our listing services. If we can't sell your boat, or you sell it on your own first, you don't owe us a dime.

Top Ranked

We put customer service first, and we have the reviews to back it up.

Get to Know

Todd has an extensive sales and marketing background and has been around boats and water most of this life. He resides in Sarasota, FL and loves to boat, fish, golf, go to sporting events, and HELP PEOPLE BUY AND SELL BOATS! Todd makes himself available to his clients any time of day 7 days a week at (941) 650-SELL and looks forward to working with you.

Todd Drennan - Licensed Senior Broker
Todd Drennan
Licensed Senior Broker


Browse our current listings and notice the amount of information and photographs we provide. On average, we display 100+ photos of each boat along with dozens of detailed specs. One of our sales executives will visit your boat (depending on location) to take photos, gather information and write up an original, customized listing.


We have the industry's most sophisticated software to help find you that buyer. We enter your boat into the POP system and the advertisement automatically feeds across the world to more than 160 boating and yachting sites. It should come as no surprise that we export 70% of what we sell outside the U.S. We have the largest Internet marketing reach of any brokerage business in the world, and we advertise in very specific markets with local boat marketing websites. We are particularly strong in Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Australia.

Continuous Monitoring

Our expert Internet consultants manage your listing and work every one of the Internet inquires that come in for your boat. And as a seller, you will have access to live data showing exactly who is viewing your boat across the globe. You will get live updates by logging into your client account, including complete history and data on your listing from the date we started, the date it was photographed and the full history of Internet activity, price reductions and every piece of the secret puzzle we offer. Why don't other brokers show you this? It's simple: They don't have it! Our listing staff is happy to give you a preview. To learn more, click on this link and drop us a line.


The staff at POP Yachts will do everything we can to earn your trust, form a relationship and present a successful formula for your purchasing experience. The final result will reflect a personal, professional, unique service and buying experience.

Ease & Convenience

You don't have to print your contract to review it. You can accept it from your smartphone with one simple click, and it stores in your records for your personal access only.

Boat selling is all about the Internet today. The maximum amount of information is piped into buyers' homes 24/7, across the world, and our relentless software system and dedicated staff are geared to manage all the inquires ... and close the deal.


Leslie came out and took hundreds of pictures and gave an excellent description.I live 350 miles away and she handled the entire transaction .I never saw the customer or was involved in any way.Even delivery.Perfect way to sell your boat.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend POP to anyone.Thanks a million!
Spring Branch, Tx Posted 2.1 mos ago on   View on website .

POP Talk sits down with Scott McNally for some quick tips on selling your boat safely using the internet.

Remove the personal clutter! Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than seeing your personal belongings on every seat and in every cubby of your boat. Before taking your photos, do a light cleaning and remove all of your personal belongings. If it doesn't go with the boat in a sale, it shouldn't be in a photo. Get to your boat 30 minutes before the buyer arrives so you can wipe her down and stow your things.
Scott McNally - Employing Broker at POP Yachts
Scott McNally
Employing Broker

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