I contacted an Alaska boat broker to sell a boat in Ketchikan and I was told I wouldn't have much luck selling the boat in Ketchikan because it had been on the market too long and the Ketchikan summer fishing season was ending. The boat was a great boat, I put a FOR SALE sign in the window, but I was just too busy to deal with the hassle of listing and re-listing the boat on Craigs List, Sit News Classifieds and Ketchikan Boat Cycle. Plus I was leaving town. So, I contacted POP Yachts at the end of October and they had an official offer by November. Pia and Lauren at POP Yachts' Florida and California offices were professional, courteous and informative. They sent weekly seller reports until they found us a buyer and then they handled every aspect of the business transaction and the wiring of funds. Even though POP Yachts isn't a local company, they made marketing a Ketchikan boat EASY and selling a boat in Ketchikan FAST!
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Very good exposure to marketplace with great support throughout the process.
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Our 26' Shamrock was a tough sale in that we had no trailer for it and it is not a popular boat per se. Pop yachts did a wonderful job of marketing for us as well as "holding our hand" throughout the sale process. Our rep Ken Gibbs was right there on the pre-purchase cruise helping us and the buyer sort things out! The paper work was all taken care of online except for the actual items that required a Notary so all that can be said is, buy or sell is through Pop Yachts!
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Selling a boat is a bit of a chore. My sales agent Randy Harrell took care of qualifying my customer(s) for me. Once we located an interested person, Randy set up the dates, helped with the water test and helped me close the deal! He even helped me wash down and clean the boat before the customer got to the dock for the water test!
Micki made sure that I had all the documents needed, in a timely manner, at closing. She made sure that I understood what each document was for. At no time did I feel that I was neglected or left out of the sales/closing process.
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